Saturday, January 23, 2016


Progress is a good thing--right??
so here is what I worked on the last couple days--
this will be my January block--
just 9 more blocks to go--
oh--I stitched on the carrot nose before--
I did the band on the hat and then the scarf--
had to undo the nose to sew on the scarf--then restitch it!!

And here is block 4 of the Orchid blocks--
now just have 2 more blocks to applique--
and they are both prepped--though I did have to recut the background for the next block as I seem to have cut it too large--but that is way better than too small as I don't have any of the background fabric left --
Here is the 3 blocks that I did some time ago--like 3-4 years ago I think--
I think this quilt is more Florida looking so will be nice to have it finished!!

It is very chilly and very very windy here today--so it is a good day to get under a quilt and hand quilt on it for awhile--at least it sounds like a plan--but first I must do my walk (inside) and go down and see if I have any mail--I really miss Christmas and getting alot of mail--cards, letters and packages!!!
Have a great day filled with love and laughter, di


  1. I need to send you some snow! We probably have about 2 feet so far, and it's still snowing. I'm so glad I'm retired and don't have to go anywhere! I'll send you some pictures later in case you're homesick for the Great White North! Love your flowers. I'd like to work on them and think about Spring for awhile. Stay war and cozy under that quilt.

  2. I hope you're staying warm Di :-) I love your projects; all those blocks are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful blocks Di... Snuggling under a quilt while you hand stitch is a great way to keep warm.


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