Saturday, January 2, 2016


We all make so many 'plans' at the end of one year
the beginning of another one--don't we--
some of us write out goals and to do lists--
and then we sit back and look at it and say--
there is NO way I will ever get that much done--

some of us--take off like 'gooney-birds' and jump in --
with both feet and sign up and join way too many things--
then wonder in a couple weeks or months when we run out of breathe--
why are we doing this???

I, too,  am wanting to do too much--
I know it--
haven't written a list yet--
cause I am overwhelmed just thinking about all the projects I want to work on--
Old ones, and new ones--

and all the places I want to go to here and take photos--
with the biggest challenge of how to get to the parks and events--
And here is one of everyones biggest challenges--
so many of us face--
my first project is one I downloaded this morning--
and she has published this months pattern already--
this one is a row by row one--
I will be making mine smaller though--
I do know already of another one, or maybe two, I want to do--
and that is by
she is doing a bom and has not shown this one--
but she also talks of a Vintage Truck series ones she is doing--
and I love, love vintage trucks--so am waiting to see this one--
now I will state here--that I did join and start--
start being the main word here--her bom for 2015--
so I wonder --should this be the first one I unearth and get back to work on??????
Love, Diane


  1. I've just printed out a weekly planner for the year. Instead of Resolutions or big goals, I'm going to do smaller weekly goals. This past week my goal was to spend NO money. Next week I'm going sugar-free. I've been working on a list of goals, and some of them will overlap. And I'm hoping some will become good habits and continue. I figure I can do ANYthing for a week right? Good luck with your planning.

  2. No set plans for me BUT I don't want to start any new projects till I finish at least one old one... Dahhhhh! Just had to download that cute reindeer....


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