Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I did get block #3 done --
and I like the brightness of this block--
but now have a problem--
this one doesn't really go with the first 2--
But with 100--6x6 inch blocks--I think I will just work on doing 2 sets--and each time a block comes out I will just ask it which quilt  it wants to be  in and then will go with colors for that quilt????
I mean Quilts do talk to us don't they????
and thought you would get a laugh out of this --
Opps--two right sides to a heart and no left!!!

And I got a delightful surprise in the mail the other day--
a lovely owl card and 2 quilt labels--
and these are from my blog friend Maria--
thought I think her blog name should be 'life on the beach'!!!
Thank you so much Maria for this lovely surprise--

Happpy Stitching everyone--
love and laughter, di


  1. I think your idea is brilliant! Quilts certainly do speak to us. Although my Amish quilt isn't speaking to me right now. I've done some quilting, but can't decide what to do next. What a nice little surprise from Maria!!

  2. I like the new block! I am sure all the blocks will end up playing well together!

  3. I think our fabrics talk to us and that's why you used that fabric for your third block....hmm I have done that, made two the same side...
    Pleased your mail arrived...
    LOL , reason for Life on the Blocks is we live on a 5 acre Block....

  4. Pretty block! I have fabrics that say: don't cut me, just stroke me :)
    So that means I have to buy more fabric, right?


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