Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Yep--I got me some more--
(chocolate to help with the quilting!!)
more quilt blocks finished--
Got this basket block done for a bom--
and I stitched the basket on the machine, but then I appliqued it to the background and then added the handles--this is January's block, I think and the other block I did already--

 I think this one was for December--
I thought I was all caught up (these blocks being Jan and Feb blocks--)
but discovered that there is already another block for this quilt--sooo
hope to prep that one later today-
for when I get another block appliqued that goes with a different bom for this month--
that I am working on --
seems that alot of the blocks this month have been appliqued so I have keep that 'needle' hot!!!

and here is week 3 blocks of the  Temecula quilt--
all  28 hourglass blocks done in Downtown Abby fabrics--

now for some Sad news--
I have learned that my old quilt shop back in Watkins Glen will be closing at the end of March--Sue had a beautiful shop there and great fabric and classes--so this does make my heart hurt that she is retiring!!  Now if I just had a bunch of money??????????????

Here is a photo of our sun set the other night--
I love all the different layers and different kinds of clouds in the sky here!!

Back to stitching--
love and laughter, di


  1. LOVE those basket blocks! Well done!

  2. I never met a basket block that I didn't like, and yours are beautiful. You just keep rolling along, don't you? That sunset is gorgeous. I'm off to retreat tomorrow, so I may not see the light of day for a few days.

  3. Great cartoon! Your basket blocks are so lovely. You always seem to accomplish so much! Also, beautiful sunset! Nola


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