Friday, February 26, 2016


Love this 4th block--
I even had fun doing some fussy cutting!!
and on a funny note--
I stitched the vase upside down, the first try--
could of left it that way and no one would of known--
but I really do like it this way--!!
Here is the first four blocks so far--
still think I might have '2' different quilts going here???

And another basket block is finished--
Now this block says it is suppose to be 12 1/2 inch square--
but my block is smaller than that--only about 11 1/2 inch square--
must of done something wrong--yet the small blocks measure 6 1/2!!!
will not redo this block--if I need to, I will just add an inch border around this one to look like a frame--???

And here is a 'peak' at another quilt that I prepped this morning--
I finally had to open and cut into this sweet wood bundle--

And we had a beautiful sunrise this morning--
love and laughter, di


  1. LOVE your fussy cut flowers! and i LOVE that basket block. May I ask where you got the pattern? Happy stitching. Yummy wool.......

  2. Yes you 4th block is gorgeous and I also like your pretty basket...
    Have fun with that yummy wool...

  3. Love this block - made me feel all summery­čśŐ
    I can see that the butterflies want to fly on their own.
    Have a nice weekend, Di.

  4. Beautiful blocks with happy colors.
    Great idea to put an extra border around the basket that is to small. Love the basket.


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