Friday, February 12, 2016


I won a give away on Anne's site--
and it was this book--
I had fallen in love with her 'sand pail' row that she has done all in red and white--
and had left her a comment--
and --OH MY GOODNESS-- this is one delightful book-
I love every single row in this book--
can't wait to get my 'bom's' finished up for this month so I can start me a row!!!!
and all the profits from this book goes to--NoKidHungry organization--
so get busy and order this book or run to your local quilt shop and buy a copy-
 --you will be glad you did!!
Thank You Anne--

And I have the first 2 blocks done of one of the boms finished--
This is from Sew Incredibly Crazy Patterns--
the original pattern does not have the 'tongue' on it--
but I kept thinking something was missing-
and then realized it was a tongue--
but I am still not totally happy with mine ( after 2 trys)
so help me here--and be honest--
what do you think??????

And I got another baby sweater knitted--
this one took a long time--
as since I got the sewing machine --
I am sewing more and doing more applique evenings and not so much knitting--
but I like to always have one in motion--
and yes--I have started another one--

love and laughter, di


  1. How exciting to win the book. Congratulations!Nola

  2. You are multi talented! Congrats on the win! That book is super fun!

  3. Lucky you! I had seen that you won that book, but then forgot about it. Always love when a friend wins.


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