Wednesday, March 9, 2016


is how we built our quilts--
and either weekly or monthly--
we add to them--
one of my monthly bom's is by Sew Incredibly Crazy--
called In our Garden--and we get 2 large blocks at the first part of the month--
this is block 3--
and my 2nd one with this design--
as I did not like my first one--
I felt this one was too busy for this quilt--
I will keep this one==or maybe I will send it to a friend???
the second one is an applique one and it is half done--

and this is only a 6x6 inch block for the 100 blocks this year--
we get 2 patterns per week on this one--
had fun doing this one--

And I got some goodies in the mail--
I love this company--
you can order just half yards here--
where as alot of the fabric company's you now have to order a whole yard--
I often want less--as most of my projects are smaller ones--
and with such a little stash now--I need to built it up again--
the 3 brown ones will go into my basket quilt--
the 2 white and one red are just general stash and then the tea cup ones are for more blocks in the 100 block series that I am doing in red,black and white--
oh and you get free shipping on a $39.00 order plus 2% of your order goes to a charity that you get to pick from there list of 6-7 charities--so it really is a great company!

Love and laughter, di


  1. Cute kitty! My Sydney has three black socks and one gold. To go with her half and half face! Nice fabrics, especially the ones for your basket blocks. You're going to have a lot of quilts to quilt at the end of the year. :-)

  2. Loving all your blocks and you bought some great fabrics.

  3. Yes, one step at a time we build a quilt! I like your blocks - especially the Snug in a Bug one!! Great shopping, nice to get good service :-)

  4. Lovely Blocks and great fabrics!

  5. You made some lovely blocks and your fabric is beautiful !!


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