Thursday, March 3, 2016


I have always loved baskets--
and you can be sure that a couple did travel to Florida for me--
but as I haven't gotten too go to thrift stores to add to my collection--
I am 'building' my own--
and will some day even be able to 'wrap' myself in baskets--!!!
Here is the latest 2 blocks--
I like the shape of this one--different--
and talking about different--
this block is really different--
they had a bucket with a flag in it--
but I was thinking beaches when I did this one--
the shells will have some embroidery details when I do the hand quilting on this quilt!!

and today I got the next 2 blocks prepped for the hand applique--
and I have some house materials all cut on the sewing table--
so I am building right along these days!!

love and laughter, di


  1. Your blocks are wonderful, love your beach block !!

  2. Great beach basket/pail! I'm working on prepping some small hand projects today, and I should be packing for my scrapbook retreat. I hate packing. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Love your Tulips basket and your beach bucket is very special.. Just love Beachy things


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