Saturday, March 26, 2016


Not only do baskets come in all shapes,colors and sizes--
(just like people)
but there is soo many things one can put in a basket--
like a basket of kittens--
and flowers--
fruits and  vegetables from the garden--
BUT my favorite thing to have in a basket is--

and I don't care if it in egg form or rabbit form--
just as long as it is dark chocolate!!!

Here is what I made for the kids --
Yep--I colored eggs this year--still have some kid in me--
the bowl in the front is an old carnival glass that my Mom always put out at Easter time with colored eggs in it--so I try to do that every year too--some years though the eggs have been fabric or plastic ones!!!

and here is some finished basket blocks--
and the last 3 basket blocks are ready to have the applique work done on them--
So I have been on 'basket roll' here!!
love and laughter, di


  1. I didn't even think about buying Easter candy for dh. oops! Happy Easter!! Hope you get a basket filled with flowers or chocolate.

  2. Happy Easter! Cute kittens and bunnies, but I think I'd be a basketcase if they came to visit - my furry friend won't share :)
    You are making so many lovely blocks - I loved the ones with doilies on.

  3. Lots of loviness in the baskets. Do hope you get one with eggs Di.


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