Thursday, March 24, 2016


I was just thinking about baskets--
as I have gotten 2 more of the basket blocks done--
and the last 4 are being prepped--
and this one is done--
well--nearly done--
I have not decided if I want to add something to this one or not--
I think the pattern has a cat in it and Carin put a puppy in hers--
the jury is still out on what I will put in mine????

But --talking about baskets--don't you just love baskets--
there is soo many different kinds of baskets--
and shapes and colors of baskets--

there is soo many things one can put in a basket--
OPps--times up--will continue this basket story tomorrow!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. I was behind with reading blogs. Love the blocks in your previous posts.
    These basket blocks are great too, love the little bird in cage fabric.

  2. Love those baskets.... Hope you have a wee one filled with eggs tomorrow.....


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