Thursday, April 7, 2016


That seems to be this week's goal--
so here is the last couple days worth of blocks--
From the gals who  are doing "In my garden"--
one of them gave us this one as an extra--
then the regular monthly ones came out--
and here is the pieced block--
the other one for this month was also a watering can--
the can is in the air watering a couple flowers--
but I am a sucker for red tulips--
so decided to do that block as the second one--

and from Quilt Doodles--
this months is a mitten--
Guess it is red/and white month--???

Been a very good girl with walking so many steps each day and
every day I go down on the dock and eat lunch and do photos--
here is one from today--
look in the far left hand corner--
that is a fish jumping out of the water--they do that all the time down there--
but to actually capture on in a photo is very rare--
but I finally got me one!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. Love those tulips Di and your other blocks look great too.

  2. Great block finishes. And congrats on catching the jumping fish! No easy feat.

  3. Your blocks are all just lovely! And I absolutely love that they are all red! Great capture of the fish. I get it! I'm always trying to get splashes on the rocky bound coast. In fifty shots, I might get one! Have a great weekend! XO

  4. Aagin beautiful blocks. Love the red tulips ;-)

  5. Beautiful red and white blocks. The tulips turned out beautifully!

  6. The tulips in the watering can is a nice design and you did a good job on it. I don't think tulips grow here in Florida. I am not a gardener for sure.


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