Monday, May 9, 2016


Filled with neat surprises--
and 'yes' as everyone guessed it was my Birthday--
the morning was quiet and I did some computer work--
then at 11:30 I headed out for my walk and to have lunch on the dock--
as I have been doing for a couple months now--
on the way --on the pinecone alley trail--
I got this great photo--
a bright lime green dragon fly--
after I had been on the dock for about 10 mintues another resident came down--
and he smokes--so I opted to leave for a few minutes while he did that--
as I was crossing the street again in front of the dock area--
I heard the large wood peckers and so began looking around and there they where--
so took a bunch of photos of them, then seen that the resident was leaving the dock--
so I went back down to enjoy my lunch and would you believe those woodpeckers followed me??
first time I have seen them there-- and they stayed the whole time I was there--
along with all my other critters that came to eat and wish me a happy birthday, I felt special!!
came home and by the front entrance here I seen this beautiful large butterfly--

got home and was back on the computer when there was a knock on the door and it was my daughter, with a balloon and 2 bags of my chocolate (she had gotten her last job done early so could so was able to come early) and she said she had a surprise trip for us to go on  before we met my son and his girl friend for dinner --so off we went--
ended up at the fish shop where she bought me 2 tiny fish, an air filter, and 3 under the water plants for Bubbles and his tank--then she took me to a quilt shop that I have wanted to go to for months -- and I got 2 fat quarters and some more paper piecing paper--
then we went to Red Robin's for supper with Dan and Lisa-
Lisa got me a neat new tea making pot where you use loose tea--and a pkg of loose tea to go with it--and Dan got  me a gift card--can always use gift cards!!

had some yummy food and I got a free ice cream sundae and the staff did a birthday chant for me!! ( was suppose to get my burger free too, but did not do something right when I signed up on the computer--but if I call, they will make it right and I can go back yet and get a free burger!!!)
then Dawn came back here and we played with "Bubbles" and setting up the new stuff in his tank--oh and the 2 tiny fish went into Red Robins while we ate!!!
I also got some lovely cards on my door and in the mail--
so I truly had a blessed day--
love and laughter, di


  1. Happy, happy late birthday. Where did you have your dinner?

  2. What a wonderful Birthday Di, except for the smoker guy...

  3. dragonflies are sooooo cool. Flutterbys are pretty special too. Enjoyed.

  4. Sounds like a pretty nice day! I can't believe you got the two woodpeckers together! I've only seen that kind twice in my life, and once was in FLorida. I love Red Robin, and we always go there for birthday burgers. DH's birthday is later this month, so we'll be going soon. Glad you had such a wonderful celebration for your 39th birthday.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Di! Glad you had such a lovely day xxx

  6. I'm so sorry, ... I missed your birthday !!!
    I hope you had a wonderful day !
    Happy belated birthday.


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