Tuesday, May 31, 2016


OH--yes you can believe I am doing the 'happy dance'
I have finally--
got my bow tie quilt finished--
This poor quilt has been made and then remade a couple times over the last 11 years or so--
this is a 3-d bow tie block--
It was a block that I learned at the quilt shop in NY that just closed during one of their monthly 'quilt club' meeting and so I ran home and made some and then some more--
until I had lots of blocks--the first arrangement with these blocks the quilt was much larger --
but that was "before" I realized the value of good quality fabric and the other fabric that I had used to but around the blocks all faded--badly--so it got unstitched and re done!!!
and yes this is all hand quilted and let me tell you--
there is alot of blocks there!!!

And on 'slow stitching Sunday--I got a finish --
another one of the monthly counted cross stitch blocks done--
and I even got a start on June's block--
it is a big bear--
and I have decided how I am going to finish these off and display them--
so that is good--right???

love and laughter, di


  1. Fantastic Finish! Love the bowties. What's up next??

  2. wonderful! Love the May kitty.

  3. Oh my gosh, ... this is realy a beautiful quilt !!!
    Love your may stitching.

  4. Yay, well done for finishing! The kitty is so cute :) xxx


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