Thursday, June 30, 2016


Started another block sal this month--
this one really 'spoke' to me--
I was looking for a new pattern where I could 'color' some of the block with colored pencils --
as I had done in the past-and look what I found--
the BEE quilt blocks--
the first block is a cat--and you know how I love black cats--
and black eyed susan's--
a lovely hexagon block was another one--but I did color the large bee in--
and I am using a charm pack that has bees, birds, bunnies and bee hives in it as my accent fabrics--
this block had smaller hexagons on it--
but I wanted to add more of the fabric accents--so made mine larger and added 8 fabric ones--
and to this one I added a bunny applique under the tree--
so far I am in love with these designs--
I am still one block behind and the next block comes out July 2nd--
I found this on a blog site of
so thank you  very much--
and the pattern is on Moda Bake shop site--
 see what, what kind of trouble one can get into from reading other peoples posts!!!
Have a great day--
love and laughter, di
You might think you see a cat here--but--I am really  another chicken in costume!!!


  1. Di, You did such a good job on all these, and I love wonderfully creative touches you have added. What a joy to look at.

  2. Cute cat block. I will enjoy seeing what you make with all your coloring pencil blocks.

  3. Your blocks are adorable. You've zoomed past me. I'm only on block 3. I had fun deciding where to color mine in. I had to put them up for a bit so I could take part in an event where we have to add 1500 stitches to one of our cross stitch projects. I'm at around 1250 right now.

  4. What a wonderful bee blocks !!


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