Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I was having a 'computer fit' for about 10 days--
just could not get it to download my blog sites or anything much-
Went to my daughter's for supper last Thursday night and she hands me this box--
and I am sure you can guess what was in it!!
a brand new computer--with windows 10--
so I have still been having some computer 'fits'--
but nice ones, trying to learn my way around everything and
to get my files transferred to the new one!!

I have started hand quilting on a new quilt--
and am using these 2 stencils-
the stencil on the left is for the center 9 patch and the 4 corners--
the other stencil on the right side is for the other 4,  9 patches around the other  one--
so far I have had to redo the center one cause I counted out the 9 patch wrong--
I have had to restitch the other one at different locations on the quilt about 3 times, cause again
I counted the 9 patch wrong and would end up with only a 6 patch beside it one side and a 10 patch on the other side!!! hummmm????

and I finally got the iron on interfacing for the centers of these blocks and got them prepped for stitching-
there is 20 blocks in this series--
I got this pattern a few years ago on a shop hop and went right home and made up the blocks using
30's prints and even got the baskets traced on them and then they sat and sat--
I figure if I can get one stitched per week--that I just might get them done this year--
there is alot of stitching on each one--
but so far I am already behind--this is all I got done last week!!!!

Still out each day taking photos and having lunch on the dock--
( we did not get any of the Tropical storm Colin here--just a small bit of rain!!)
This is Mrs Rocky--she usually comes out each day when I am down there for old bread that another tenant feeds her--she has a least 3 babies she is feeding too--she is so sweet!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. I think you have more projects in progress than anyone I know. Including me. I just finished a top and need to decide what to work on next. Isn't it great to always have choices???

  2. You are not the only one that has trouble counting. It ought to be easy but apparently counting can be so hard sometimes. I guess on the plus side you can say you are getting lots of practice at your stitching.

  3. How lovely of your daughter Di :-), computers can be our best friends but also our worst!! You'll get thre with your quilting, I'm sure, in spite of the hiccups. Lovely photo of Mrs Rocky..do you see the babies much?

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