Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I got the last 2 Bee blocks done before the next ones are out--
I like brown bunnies--
with blue eyes!!

I just had to have a red tractor--
knew from day one that my tractor would be red--
so somewhere in my memory there must of been a red one!!!
Wonder what the next two blocks will be???
Think I will head over  to the Moda Bake Shoppe and see???

I also go another baby sweater finished--
I now have 16 waiting to find new homes--
still not sure where to send them this year for donations???

love and laughter, di


  1. Lovely Bee blocks.. Yes Di old tractor should be red...Lol.
    Such a cute cardigan.. How nice you have a pile ready for some little ones. There are always people who need them. Sadly..

  2. I'm not familiar with that breed of hummingbird! Have you checked with the local hospitals and Women's shelters for the sweaters? They're all so darling, someone is surely going to have a use for them.

  3. The bee blocks are so cute ..... But NO, I mustn't! :)
    The baby sweater is lovely - and 16 babies are going to snuggle nice and warm thanks to you. You are a lovely person, Di.

  4. Love the red tractor, Di. My dad had one when we were growing up.
    The little sweaters are too cute. Check around. I am sure there are lots of places that could use them. We have some churches here that makes up baskets for the expectant mothers. also, there are pregnancy centers that help mothers-to-be so I know there are places that would love to have them.
    Here is an update on using pencils. After coloring, press your block. Put wax paper under your colored block. using Textile Medium and a small paint brush, apply the textile medium to the coloring. Use two coats. Let dry. Cover with a cotton cloth and press for 20 seconds. This will be permanent and won't wash out. I tried it and it does work! The coloring almost looks like it was painted. It is very pretty.

  5. Woo hoo, well done, you are still on track! xx


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