Thursday, August 18, 2016


Oh that is just Bubbles--
Swimming along in his new set-up--
I had gotten so many new plants that I needed to redo the tank the other day--
and if you look closely you will see Bubbles 2 friends--A & B and then there is the Zebra snail and in the bottom is 2 other tiny snails --so Bubbles has a lot of friends to boss around!!


I did not get alot of stitching done this week so far--
first I had to design my own 2 blocks for the Bee quilt as I wanted a couple more added to my quilt--and decided that I would do that this week--they are finally ready for me to color in later today and then start stitching--I do really like the next couple of blocks to come out in the Bee series though!!
I did get another baby sweater knitted though--
this one is using some of the new colored yarn--
and my favorite color--pink!!!


And as I walked out the back door to go down to the dock--
I snapped this photo--
Now there is a back seat co-pilot if I ever seen one!!!

We are still hot here but finally did get some rain--
we have broke a heat record this year--as of yesterday it had been 56 days of 90 degrees or higher and today will be added to that total--!!!!
love, di
I can't tell you how many days I feel just like this cat!!!!


  1. Oh that little sweater looks so cuddly and cozy! Bubbles looks like he's pretty happy with his new digs, too. We've had an exceptionally hot summer here, but not as hot as you. We haven't even kayaked much because of the heat. I bet you miss NY in the summertime. Although when we were up there, it was HOT!Have fun designing your new blocks!

  2. Bubbles does look happy with his new plants and surrounds.. He won't eat A & B will he...
    Oh it sure has been hot there for you.. we've had a really cold winter here.
    cute little variegated cardigan....

  3. Bubbles is such a pretty fish - but I thought betas could not be with other fish. I heard they bite the other fish. I think your tank with all the greenery is so pretty.


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