Tuesday, August 9, 2016


but first--
another finish on time--
(well--on time I mean before the next month comes out--
even though it is 9 days into August!!)
this month's cross stitch was a dog--
she had a white tummy in the original one--
but I made mine to look like a dog I had growing up,
named Rex--and he had a brown tummy!!
Now am waiting for the release of September block--
but probably need to order some more cloth--
I did order some a while ago thinking it would be enough for the rest of the months--
but did not like the cloth when it came in---
I find it very hard to order 28ct cloth and get the right weave and color in!!!

Earlier today I did my 'loop' on the trail--and as I got to near the street end--
our Housekeeper, Tammy was walking towards me--she said she was looking for 'trash' along the path--we stopped on the trail and was visiting when we both noticed something behind us and when we turned to look--
guess 'who' we saw???
She did run into the ferns when we stopped and looked at her--
and we caught her doing this--
she eventually did come back out and did run across the street--
and down to the bank where we feed them--
she got all the peanuts today--she was hungry--
very hungry--as Russell is not feeding them much any more--poor things!!

OHH--and why did I call this post WET--
cause we finally --
finally after 33 or more days of no rain--
got some rain--
and some more rain--
and now we have--
the pond back---
only so far no ducks have come by to enjoy it--
Ohhh--ducky's were are you????
love and laughter, di


  1. My mother used to do these cross stitch blocks all the time, some of them daddy framed for her. I am looking at a little framed brown church on the wall now. She is so cute... they always are..

  2. Great pics of Rocky, especially the one peeking out of the grass. I still haven't started those cross stitches. How big are they? Yippee for rain! Ducks should be arriving soon.

  3. Yah for the rain! We finally got some too. It has been hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July. Temps in the 90's for over a month. The trees were dying, the flowers were dying, the grass was dying, but the weeds were growing really great. It rained yesterday and today. I am so thankful for all we got.

  4. It's been so hot here Di. I can't imagine how hot it must be there. I know you are probably melting after being up North for so long. Love all the fun things you have been working on. Hugs my friend!

  5. The cross stitch block is so sweet! And so is your little furry friend - maybe you will have to have some extras in your pocket - she seemed to be giving you a message, following you and then running to the feeding place. She has trained you well :)

  6. It was good to get the rain. Our grass has so many brown patches in it.


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