Thursday, September 8, 2016


Done with the Bee blocks--
here is my design for Block #20--
A house block--
every farm has to have a little country house--
I mean we got a barn and a truck and everything-- for the Bee Farm--
so we needed a house!!
Now to decide on the fabric to stitch all these blocks together with????
that is always a challenge for me!!!

And here is a photo of this mornings late sunrise--
Talk about 'golden' moments!!!

Have a great fun stitchy day--
love and laughter, di


  1. Another cute one, Di. And your sunrises are beautiful. How awesome that you see that out your window...

  2. Just what this selection of blocks need!!!!
    Bee At Home!

  3. Another lovely block to add to all the others on your last few posts.
    You have also been busy with your quilting.
    How exciting to see Rocky and his babies....
    You do live in a beautiful place..


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