Tuesday, September 6, 2016


off of my 'to finish' list--
A civil war quilt--
is now all hand quilted and has it's binding done--
Here is the center block--
It was pointy star stencil--
and then I used part of this stencil in the other areas of the quilt that had this color fabric--
and these blocks have a large flower stencil in them--
and I forgot to take picture of the borders--
This will probably be my last civil war quilt--
I did not bring any of those fabrics with me--
and that style does not really go in this apartment--
I do have my pile of small civil war quilts on one of the shelves under the fish tank--
so I do get to see them every day--


Now the question is--
1. do I get the backing, batting, and top together and basted for another quilt top that is waiting in the pile--or
2. do I put together some blocks I have done in a top and then get that one ready to hand quilt--or
3. do I just work on Christmas stuff?????


I am on the last Bee block for the embroidery work--
hope to finish that one today!!

Here is a photo of a sunrise a couple days ago--
taken from my bedroom window!!!

Happy stitching today--
love and laughter, di


  1. Nice job on the quilting!! Isn't it nice to have so many choices for what to work on next? I'm trying to finish some quilting today, and then I'll be binding for a couple of days, at least. Is it still hot there? We're expecting another heat wave. Yuk.

  2. I say work on Christmas stuff because the months will fly by and Christmas will be here.

  3. You will get all of it done including Christmas. I have faith in you speedy woman. I wonder if Wittersheim was ever that little. He grew so fast!


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