Thursday, September 29, 2016


Here is a photo of my friend Ruth on her 94th Birthday--
Ruth is the young looking one in the middle!!!
She is the first one I made friends with here in this new senior place in Florida--
a year ago--can you believe that --
it has been a whole year (actually 12 1/2 months!!) since I moved here from NY state--
it went by really fast let me tell you--
and I think the thing that I loved watching from the first day here--
was-- and is the clouds--how they can stack up and up--
there is sooo many different kind of clouds here--
look at this one--it looks like a space ship is going to land!!!

On Tuesday one of the residents here--Gwynne and I went to the Zoo--
it was the last day for the $3--entry fee--usually it is $18--each!!
we were sure it would be uncrowded and a good time to go--
but boy where we wrong!!
I think the whole county kept their kids out of school and took them there--
we did stay for about 2 hours--but then just had to leave--was too crowded to get around--
and talk about strollers--oh my goodness!!
But I did get some good photos of animals that I did not get in the spring when I went--
so it was a successful day--
The Meekats where out this time and they love playing and digging in the red dirt--
they dig huge holes and go in them--for a minute--then crawl back out and start another one--
just like us quilters--we start a quilt and then go on and start another one!!

Gwynne made a couple stops on the way home and one place is called Tuesdays Mornings--
and it reminds me of a Woolworth's years ago--a bit of this and than--
here is my treasures from there-
this is a large package of cardstock cards--of all colors for only $1.99
and the set of the 4 larger stamps was $3.99 and the Christmas stamps was only $1.99--
So I had a adventure this week--

Did you do something different or special this week????
love and laughter, di


  1. My gosh - has it really been a whole year? I remember you getting rid of rubber stamps, so I'm glad to see you're back in the business. I took a couple of yours, and they've been well used! I'm sorry your zoo adventure was short-lived, but a short adventure is better than no adventure. I had a brainstorm for your Christmas gift today......

  2. I'm with you. Florida has the coolest clouds ever.

  3. Wow! How fast time has flown! I can't believe it has been over a year. I am glad you are getting out and doing things. It sounds like you had an awesome adventure.

  4. Boy that year has gone sew fast. Great to see you have some lovely friends ... Even though your trip to the zoo was short it was nice to see the meerkats.. I love those guys...

  5. Wow, just over a year! Time flies! Love the meerkats, they are so cute :) xx

  6. I can't believe you have been there over a year. Time has started moving far too quickly. I could watch meerkats all day. They are so funny!

  7. Time does fly but it's fun when you live in a place you love and have good friends. Enjoy your week sweet lady. Love the clouds this week! Hugs!


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