Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It has been a busy week here for some reason--
but at the end of last week I did get 3 more towels finished--
so they will join the others in the gift box--

think this was a Splendid Sampler block pattern that I used on these!!

Am busy working steadily on a Christmas gift--
it has alot of applique on it--so that is what is keeping me stitching right at the moment--

I did finish another baby sweater too--
but did not take a photo--
(enjoy this photo found on the Internet!!)
am sure that by now you are tried of seeing them--
and yes another one is on the needles--
I do need to start a pair of socks though for Anne, in NY as a gift!!

Hope you are all having a great week too--
love and laughter, di

Friday, October 21, 2016


Last night just my son was able to come to dinner--
and after we eat--
we always play some kind of card game--
I actually won a couple games, tooooo!!!
a bit after 8pm my son tells me that we are going on a road trip--
so I get ready and off we go--
and guess where we ended up??
At a Tasty Freeze--
and this one had a new combo--
chocolate and peanut butter twist--
guess which one I had???
and it was very yummy--
now you are probably wondering why I got excited over a 'tasty freeze'??
For one thing there is not alot of those places in Florida--it is too hot here to eat one--
and not have it melt faster than you can lick--
I had not had one since I moved to Florida 13 months ago--
but my son had heard me mention this and he knew of a Tasty Freeze stand just a few miles from here-so he took me out!!!
and the funny thing is--that up North all the Tasty Freeze's are closing for the season--
and I am just getting started--


Had an adventure this morning tooo--
went to flush the toilet--
and broke the handle--so no 'flushy'--
then went to call down to the office--

and the phone is not working--
nor is the Internet!!!
So after walking down to the office to report the toilet--
and after eating my breakfast--
I called the cable company--
we got the phone and internet up and running--
and while I went down to the dock to feed and check on my 'friends'--
my toilet got fixed--
and I am very lucky that it was Friday--
and not over the week end--right?????


So that has been my adventures--
what are yours this past week???????
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I am a NASCAR fan--
so you know what I do every week end!!!
I also use the races as my counted cross stitch time--
for the most part--
here is a finish for this past week end--
I finally got September's done--
remember this month the author was very late in posting the pattern on her blog site--
so that put me behind--then found I did not have the correct count cloth--so had to wait for that to come in--but one more is done--
and I am happy to say that I got a good start on October's stitching--
but will need more cloth for November and December ones--
will order that on the 1st of November--
do have that pattern--and it is a peacock==so am anxious to start that one--
that is my story and I am sticking to it--

Weather wise here in Florida--
we are getting some great sunny days--
but still on the breezy side--
but I still go to the dock each day--
today I had fun watching this Osprey trying to decide if he wanted to catch a fish in the high waves on the river or not--also spotted some dolphins swimming about--

Yesterday  on my walk I found this butterfly--
It looks like it is only partially got his wings open--
but it is actually a second butterfly attached to the first one--
wonder what that is all about?????

And a special note--did you go over to my other site--(upper left hand corner)
to see some kids photo's I took on my trip???
love and laughter, di

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Nope--that is the wrong title--
it is three towels done--
I bought a couple-three dozen of these cotton towels at least 3 years ago now--
in the spring I did applique on 3-4 of them with butterflies for gifts--
and now I have done 3 more--
and boy would I love a chocolate cup cake right about now!!!
I have applique ready (in another pattern) for 3 more towels--

Been busy all week--there just has seemed a lot to do this week--
but am getting most of the list done--
still need to do some cleaning and sorting in the bedroom--
and do some fall decorating--did get the fall box done yesterday--
and did get a fall wall hanging hung on the front door--
so there is hope for me, yet!!!
Here is a sunset last night from my bedroom window--
and today--
some of the small birds showed up and I had 5 squirrels come to eat and for peanuts--
first day all week that I could sit on the dock --
the breeze off the river has been really bad allllll week--

Have a safe fun week end--
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I thought I came back home and that the hurricane was over--
But the wind here is still heavy--and the waves on the river are still high--
and on Monday and Tuesday--it was heavy overcast and no sun--
I live in Florida so I can have some sunshine every day!!!!

I did get two Thanksgiving wall hangings finished
 before I had to leave cause of Matthew--
I will use one as a gift--
these 2 turkey blocks were made a couple three years ago and they were for a table runner-
but decided to make them into wall hangings instead!!

I got lots of prep work done to take on the trip--
never touched even one of them--
so now it is time to get busy on them--they are Christmas gifts!!!
I did work on some counted cross stitch (still working on September one)
yesterday and some knitting on a baby sweater--

you all know how much I love going down to the dock every day--
and feeding my 'critters'--
I was sooo worried that the weather would hurt the dock--
but the dock itself is fine--
but a couple of my critters favorite trees did not make it--

the water just plain pushed it over--
and there is no shore/beach line left--it is a foot or more drop off before you can step onto some sand--all the way up and down the river side--
the one thing that I had secretly hoped would fly away--
was the new wind chime that a resident nailed to the roof a couple weeks ago--
cause if it is even a bit breezy down there it is loud--can't hear my birds singing!!!
but it is still there!!!!

And up here by the building--
when I looked out my bedroom window to the south--
there is a long tall wooded area--
now there is a hole in the middle of it--
and now I get to look at this light pole--
at night now I can see 2 night lights !!!
But I am not complaining--
we were very lucky--and I am grateful for that--
it's just that I love trees and natures and will miss those that got broken,
or uprooted!!

love and laughter, di

Saturday, October 8, 2016


We have decided it is time to go home--
and will be leaving in the morning to do that--at least that is the newest plan--
we are happy to report that is well for both of us back in Fl--
and there is power back on for us both--
In the meantime we spent today at the Georgia Aquarium-
What an amazing place--

I only took about 550 photos in the 4 hours we were there!!!
so have lots of editing to do when I get home--
It was very crowded there today--
In fact we learned it was a record number there today--
talk about wall to wall people and kids--but we did get to see it all--even the dolphin show--
and there I could not take photos--
so just think about how many more photos I would have by now---
I am ready to go home--

Everyone be safe==
love and laughter, di
a billboard coming into Atlanta

Thursday, October 6, 2016


DD and I have left the east coast of Florida--
we are on a road trip--
at least that is what we are telling ourselves--
we left home at 8pm or so and drove to Gainsville, Fl and spent the night there--
luckily DD had did the booking early Tues morning or we would not have found one--
and this morning we left there and drove on to Macon GA--where we are tonight--
it was a good trip-lots of traffic--but no hold ups--this was a 3 hour trip from Gainsville--
where gas was coming hard to find--
talk about billboard alley==huge billboards--all along the way--
kept me entertained for sure!!!
that and looking at all the license plates--

I took alot of photos with my small camera in the moving car!!!
this is a cotton field--with a neat white church in the background--
love seeing all the cotton fields--

after we checked in here this afternoon--
my DD was looking out the window and seen this--

That is not a dog at the end of that lease--
it is a pet pig--how cute!!!
after a short rest we finally gave in and went for supper--
to the Cracker Barrel --just down the street a bite from  here--
We are tired--
and we are very worried about our friends and our homes and how long it will be before we can go back to even see if we have places to live--sooooo
need to go for now--
tomorrow we are off to Atlanta, GA--have 2 nights booked there--but haven't figured out where we will go after that--
in the mean time--we try to forget for a few minutes at a time our worries that ---??????
love and laughter, di

Monday, October 3, 2016


I spent the morning doing laundry--
then I was on this computer trying to figure out where  my photos go
when I import them--
it seems they jump down a rabbit hole every time that Windows 10 does an update--
then the phone rang and it was DD and she had to go over on the beach strip to check out a lot that someone wants her to design a house for--
so she invited me along for the ride and to go to one of our favorite lunch places--
I can never remember the actual name of this place--but you order at a window and eat here under the hut--we always get the black beans, rice  and pulled pork plate and share it--
we had a visitor while we were eating today--

Then on the way home we did make another stop--
Friendly's--for ice cream and there was NO sharing here--
we each had our own Sundae--
So it was a nice surprise treat--
Then came home and went to coloring group and the mobile library came--
so been busy--
this morning we had a big Thunder storm and lots of rain--
talking about rain--wonder how much rain and wind we will get from Hurricane Matthew????
waiting to see where he decide to go later in the week-they say it will be here about Thursday-Friday!!!

Be good and surprise someone with a Lunch date--
love and laughter, di

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