Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It has been a busy week here for some reason--
but at the end of last week I did get 3 more towels finished--
so they will join the others in the gift box--

think this was a Splendid Sampler block pattern that I used on these!!

Am busy working steadily on a Christmas gift--
it has alot of applique on it--so that is what is keeping me stitching right at the moment--

I did finish another baby sweater too--
but did not take a photo--
(enjoy this photo found on the Internet!!)
am sure that by now you are tried of seeing them--
and yes another one is on the needles--
I do need to start a pair of socks though for Anne, in NY as a gift!!

Hope you are all having a great week too--
love and laughter, di


  1. Your tea towels look great!! Love them!

  2. Those are cute tea towels! Great job. And the picture of the baby and puppy - what a joy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well look at those two...perhaps the baby thinks he's a puppy! Your towels are very cute!

  4. Love your tea towels ....cute piccie...

  5. Very fun tea towels! Sounds like you've got a good start on those Christmas gifts.


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