Wednesday, November 9, 2016


only think good on good things--
and cling to my faith in God--
and move on--
Christmas is coming--
Sooo--that is what we need to concentrate on NOW--

Yesterday I actually got to go into an actual Quilt shop--
did not have much to spend and in truth should not of spent anything--
I was in a quilt shop-sooo
I was looking for the Christmas fabric with the red trucks on it--
but they did not have it--
(does anyone know which fabric I am talking about and where I might find some???)
but did find this cute one--
I just love these cork reindeers--
and especially loved the deer with the little squirrel on his back--

So when I got back in the car--I pulled it out to show my daughter--
and that is when I noticed that his antlers where cut off on the strip that I had bought (1/3 yard of it)
so I did go back into the shop--and discovered that it had been the end of the bolt and what little was left--the clerk had cut into fat quarters--but--I was lucky cause in the middle of the fat quarter was 2 of the full deers with the squirrels on his back--soooo I bought me a fat quarter too!

and already this morning I have it cut into the pieces I want for the wall hanging--
now to find the rest of the fabrics I want to finish it with???
it must come from my stash--so I will be on a 'treasure hunt' this afternoon--
Yep nothing better than to work on a new quilt project and not worry about our future and I say this as it did not matter to me which one won--I am still concerned!!!

Down on the dock today--
I had this site--
Lots of the black birds came by--
but no squirrels today--
love and laughter, di


  1. Oh I do love those cork reindeers too. Lucky you got some complete ones with have never seen Christmas fabric with trucks..
    Look forward to seeing your wall hanging.

  2. Your reindeer fabric is adorable!! I sent you an email with a picture of some truck fabric.

  3. Is this what you are looking for?

  4. I am extremely concerned..........what will be the world effects.........

  5. Those reindeer are much cuter than red trucks, lol!! Ah, all we can do is trust in God, He is ultimately in control of everything... xx

  6. Lucky you were able to snatch up a little more fabric Di, those reindeer are so cute...happy sewing with your new project :-)

  7. That is some wonderful fabric !!!


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