Sunday, November 13, 2016


some actual Fall decorating-
a couple weeks ago--
but, forgot to show the photos--
But first--I found 12 more baby sweaters in the closet that needed buttons sewn on them=
I did that--and now have 22 sweaters for Charity--
hung an embroidery work over the bulletin board and a counted cross stitch beside it--
put the 2 fabric pumpkins and  a leaf garland on a silver tray for the table--
would someone box up those sweaters and get them off the table??
Oh--someone did--thanks--
Bubbles has a cute counted cross stitch fall picture to look at--
Miss Lamb gets to keep an eye on a slate that I painted along time ago!!

another counted cross stitch sits on the little stand in the foyer--
now I remember when Di would of changed the items hanging on the hooks behind
the cross stitch to all fall items/colors--but--
she is a bit lazy this year!!!
And my Apartment door is on it's 2nd Fall wall hanging--so have kept up with that--
will put the Turkey one on the door,  in a couple days !
So there you have it--
I did do some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. LOVE the cat pic! I can beat you in the lazy department! I've done nothing. My patriotic wall hanging is still up. I skipped over the pumpkin and will go directly to Christmas in a couple of weeks. Find a good home for those sweaters!!

  2. WOW Di you will make some little ones warm and happy with those sweaters. You are sew kind..

  3. I think they were ordering hiking gear for me.

  4. Oh wow, 22 sweaters, you are amazing! Lucky Bubbles with such a pretty view :) xx


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