Thursday, November 17, 2016


I was in the grocery store yesterday morning--
moving along and marking things off the list--
and at the end of one of the aisles I seen the Christmas aisle--
now I do not need any Christmas clutter--
one has too still look--right??

so I am cruising along the aisle --
when I have stop dead and start smiling--
I try to pass the item--
but just can't--
so in the front seat of the cart it goes--
and me and my new friend finish the grocery shopping with a big smile on our faces--
and now me and Bubbles has a new friend--

and I am still smiling--
but a bit confused--
just what is this thing--that is soo cute and has captured my heart????
Is it a bird--it has feet--
Is it a snowball--it is round--
Is it a snowman--it has a hat and a carrot nose--
Just what is it??????
love and laughter, di


  1. Whatever it is it is soooooooooo cute.....

  2. I would have totally brought it home too! It looks like a chick to me... a snowchick :) xx

  3. Yep it's a Snow Chick...LOL and sew cute... now wonder it hopped into the trolley.

  4. How cute is that??? It's making me smile too. I'm sew glad you brought it home with you. (and are sharing it with us) I think it needs a name.

  5. Whatever it is, it's cute. And if it makes you smile, it's well worth it!


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