Friday, November 17, 2017


The other day I kept hearing cat meow's everytime
I went near the sewing area--
and then it got louder and louder--
so finally I gave in and went to see what the problem was--
and it was the Cat quilt blocks--
asking me to finish them up--
I have been making a cat block and a log cabin block each month
 this year with the 'color' of the month series--
and we just had 2 colors to go--
browns and blacks--
here is one kitty--
I had this fabric picked out a long time ago for this one--
and this cat sits next to this one on a panel-
and for the dark one--
I found a black fabric with a nice brown ivy on it--
The colors of this one is really pretty--
it just did not photograph that way--darn!!!!!
and here is the log cabin blocks to go with these 2--
again for whatever reason--
these are much prettier than they show here--!!!!
and here is all 12 of my kitties--
But for now these are getting put away--
as there is Christmas stuff to sew--
I have 2 small quilts all ready with backing, batting and the tops laid out--
just waiting for the basting fairies to show up--
cause someone talked  me into going shopping today instead of doing that 'chore'!!!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017


been working-
it is just I am slow these days--it seems--
will have some fabric photos tomorrow I hope--
but in the meantime--
here is a couple knitting finishes--
first up is my 2nd pair of socks--
see they match--
now though for the "funny" part--
I just read that the newest 'fad' is unmatched socks--
oh give me a break--
I finally think I am getting caught up on something--
and I always learn that the 'train' has already moved on!!!!
this pair came out much better than the first as far as the shape goes--
I went down a size or so in needles and also discovered that I had not done the correct stitch on the heel for the other pair--oppps!!!

and another tiny baby sweater--
I do have another tiny sweater on the needles--
and have one fingerless mitten started on another set of needles--
and I did find the self stripping yarn on line and have 2 more colors in the mail!!
Who wants socks for Christmas????

Keep busy--working on those crafts--
Christmas is coming--quickly--!!!!


Friday, November 10, 2017


I was able to get another top worked up--
earlier this week--
This was using up another collection that I had in the Christmas fabric box--
I love this snowman series--
See those cute 'snowbuddies' and those cute little 'trucks'???
Now this one is not finished yet--
it will have some applique added to it--
worked on those designs today for a bit!!!

I had another order out yet for some fabric-
one of the pieces I ordered was a backing for the pink and limegreen quilt--
and one day this week that order came in--
sorta came in--
opened the box and this  is what I found--
a half yard of a pretty red fabric--
and yes --it was on the order--
what is this--
a very pretty blue--(one yard cut)
and a beautiful black with cardinals on it--(2 yard piece--)
these were not what I ordered--
and twice the fabric amount that I ordered--
got in touch with the company and they are sending out what I ordered--
told me to keep these 2--
oh--yea--I will--gladly do that!!!!

The weather here has been lovely--low 80's during the day and high 60's-at night--

I see that up north in good ole Watkins glen--tonight will go to   --- 9 degrees--
and has been in the mid teens all week--
we didn't get these kind of temps until Jan or Feb in the past--
what gives????


Monday, November 6, 2017


Here in Florida--
not really--
but I was thinking about it while I created this today--
these 2 main fabrics where probably about the last fabrics that I bought at
my old quilt shop in NY before moving down here--
I loved this shade of blue and the beige one is from the line "snowgatherings"--
and they had a model made up using them with applique snowmen on it somewhere's--
I think the model was a bit smaller ---(I did not purchase the pattern--)
So this is what I came up with today--
my '4' snowpeople are wool appliques--
I am not sure where I am going with this now--
like I think I want top hats on at least 2 of the snowpeople--
and of course faces and some other details--
this will get set aside now until a later date as I have plenty of time to finish it--
as I don't really put snowpeople out until Jan--
and we know that I have lots and lots of Christmas fabrics to stitch up!!!

And the winner is--
the holly one--everyone voted for this one--
even me as I was writing the post--
taking photos really helps in the deciding--one can see them better--
thanks to everyone who voted!!

Humm--it has been dark since 6pm here--
when did that happen-and we are only into the first part of November--ouch??????
Guess I better get back to doing my walking in the morning before I sew!!!!

more curb paintings--

Sunday, November 5, 2017


So now look at what 'Di'
another 9 1/2 yards of Christmas fabric--
what is she thinking???
what are we going to do with her????
somebody --
Please get that wallet away from her!!!! now!!!
Here is her break down--
the first 3 are--
flannels and are only half yards--
and are for gift making!!!
the next 2 are just 'basics' for the stash--
(though the red one was only going to be a yard--but then that left less than a yard on the bolt--soooo?????)
this one she had seen there before and wanted some--
this time she could not resist the 'temptation'!!!

This one is because she is still trying to find a border print for the Christmas bom!!
and so she planned on getting 3 yards--and once again --there would of only been a yard left on the bolt and it is a good basic fabric--right---soooo!!!!

ALL of these were on sale she says--
plus she had another coupon worth another 25% off even the sale priced items--
sooooo--she shopped--

And she also got these items while there--
couple trees--
and these cute tin ornaments--
she found these first--then decided she needed a tree for them!!!! right???
some other craft items for Christmas gifts and for decorating ideas--
this cute box-
this will replace the one now on the table by her once she decorates for the holidays--

Ok now here is the problem--
1. here is one choice--

She love love's this skating fabric--but--
She thinks it is a bit busy and dark for this quilt top--

2. newest one--
3. then there is this one
and this is the one she got thinking backing for this quilt--
She really 'still' can't say that one is jumping out at her to say --
Pick me--I am the right one!!!!
but she is not buying anymore fabric for this quilt--
so it will be one of these--or she will just stop at the red binding!!
so now it is time for your input?????

            Enjoy the moments-Di

have you seen this street art??? they are sooo cute!!

Friday, November 3, 2017


came home with Di today--
more Christmas fabric--
and while she was waiting for the lady to cut her's--
she was looking around
 and found these--
rolled up fat quarters for just 97 cents--so 5 found their way in her cart--
someone needs to take her--
wallet away from her--
this Christmas fabric buying just has to stop!!!!

oh--you say the black with the white skate fabric is for a border on a Christmas quilt--
and the solid green or red is for a small lattice row before the border!!
 once you got home and laid them out next to the quilt--
was it a go???????????
Hummm--you won't tell us today--
ok--we can wait--but we still might grab that wallet for a while!!!!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


you on what Di did today--
as she had trouble sleeping last night--
we found her at the dinning room table in the middle of the night--
with paper and pencil and rulers--
then this morning we found her at the sewing machine--
stitching madly!!!
and now her is the correct block for the 10" size for Block #9--
and now this one looks like the 'baby 5" ones!!
Here are the two side by side--
the correct one is on the left side--now can you see what 'she'  did wrong????

And later she got the next block done--
this is the 10"one for block #10--
She got this one right on the first try--
(maybe she needs more sleepless nights--to get things right???)
and here are the 4-5" blocks to go with it--
So now she is all caught up with the Patchwork bom until the middle of the month!!

And mail came today--
and that 'crazy' Di does not--
I repeat--
Does not need any more Christmas fabrics-
but--look at this--
Can you guess 'why' she bought this one?????
and here is a couple to go with it--
and then this one came along for the ride--
actually it goes with another line that she has some of!!
and look--she got 2 free gifts--for ordering--She loves surprises--

Is it really November 1st??????


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