Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I did get out with the camera today--
and noted alot of changes--
first the view from my bedroom window-
towards the right--the woods--
It was raining when I took this one early this morning--
now I can see that whole house--
before Hurricane Matthew last year--I couldn't see any of it--
then after that one I could see a bit of the roof--
now I get the whole house!!!

And I guess the storm multiplied our ducks--
cause we went from '2'--

to six!!!!
the water in the pond is from the rain early this morning--

I started my photo tour by going out the back door--
guess Nancy's garden took a big hit--she was out there busy cleaning up still--
lots and lots of tree damage--
look here--is a regular tree branch up in a palm tree!!!
our trail that I walked nearly everyday is closed--
my favorite place to knit is closed--
there is these 2 big trees leaning on the railings--
and a electric line is holding them up--
and it does look like we lost alot more of the bank on this side of the ramp-
we lost alot of it last year to Matthew--!!!
this is one of our tall parking lot lights--
funny thing is --it still works!!!
down the street about a block-it looks like the road washed out--
or nearly--and I am pretty sure there was some trees or bushes here--but not now--
first time I have ever seen these piling with out it being full of birds of some kind sitting on them!!
this dock is the next one down from ours--
here is how it looks now--

and here is how it looked before Irma--
the dock area went all around that boat hanging area--!!
this is the dock--was the dock that was to the other side of our dock--
and this dock had just been up graded and had a couple boats on it--
hopefully they removed the boats before the storm--
what is left of a brand new car port!!
this tree took a loss-in that rope was a huge planter and plant--but this tree lost some branches--
and it looked like they have some damage in the back yard--
these are the same people that lost the dock where the boat is still hanging!!
and I think this house has some history!!!
most of the trees now look this this--
and today I learned why--
it is from the 'salt' from the water!!!
Also heard that Patrick Air force base had alot of damage this time for the first time--
but not sure just what--and of course beach side there is alot of buildings damaged--

when I returned from the walk down the street --
I came into the front parking lot and seen this--
I spent a half hour trying to find the owner of this vehicle--
she did take it right to the car wash and luckily it all washed off--
but was some kind of white wash stuff--
apparently is was kids doing something--a couple other cars has a bit on them --
but nothing like poor Ann-Maries car--she said it cost her $8 to wash it--but--
it did all come off!!!  Sad!!!

Ok lets end with a couple good photos --
a couple happy ducks-
and look at someones red car reflection in the pond!!



Monday, September 18, 2017


We did alot on the trip up and while in NY--
and then there is the news on what happened here in FL--
Probably should start here--
as everyone is curious about what 'changed' here at home-
at DD's place and here at the senior apts--
I did not get  out to get  any photos today though--
will tomorrow--hopefully--
We are not allowed down on the dock right now--
which is the saddest for me--I want to go down there and chill out from everything and be able to feed my 'friends'--
but 2-3 trees are leaning on the railing going down to the dock and an electrical cord might be involved-- though I think it is an old one they did not cut down and get rid of when they put those big new poles and new wiring in!!!  I do know that the trees that are leaning on the railings are the ones the squirrels loved to climb down to get to the railings--sad--

lots of debris everywhere--we lost some more tree branches all over the property--and some trees are stripped bare of leaves--and the trees look sooo funny as what leaves are left are now brown--!!!
a light pole for our parking lot tipped over and needs to be fixed--and it was right where Frannie used to always park--(talking about Frannie--she is at her son's in Huston, TX this week)

the worse damage to some --several apartments on the river side (my side) the apartment windows leaked and water ran down the walls and wet the carpet--(thankfully mine is dry) so now alot of the tenants have large --very noisy machines running in their apts to dry the walls and carpets out--so they are very uncomfortable with the constant noise and the mild-dew smell--they say--and it is all 4 floors that are involved with that--

the electric was off here for about 9 hours too--but that isn't bad as many where out for 3 days and some places are still without! and there was a couple water main breaks so they had no water a couple times while that was fixed and a few days of 'boil water' notice--but everything there is ok now

DD's rented house did lose some shingles but her landlord already fixed them and cleaned up the yard, ect--no leaks--that was good --her poor neighbor hood looks different though--as does nearly everyplace down here--with sooo many trees and bushes missing now--

we did go get groceries this afternoon and the stores are still not fully stocked, but you can find things to eat and they did have water--we each got 4 gallons today as we don't know what Maria is going to do next week--ouch!!!  and we still have 3-4 weeks of the season to go--remember that Matthew did hit us until Oct 6th or later last year!!!

I hope to be back to more of a normal routine tomorrow and will have lots and lots of photos--
so stay tuned---
Thanks again for all your prayers and concerns--

            go out there and --enjoy every moment-di

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Yep--I am back in Fl--
got in about 4pm this afternoon--
lots and lots to tell you and many many photos to go through--
but right now--
I am soooo tired that I am falling asleep at the wheelcomputer--
so tomorrow I will try to start catching you all up--
              enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Tonight 'Di" is in New York--
back in her old home town--
got in last night around 6 pm--
we are here until Friday morning--

Today I got to see lots of 'old' friends==
the weather here has been lovely--
today was 80 and sunny--
they have had alot of rain this year--
the rest of the week sounds warm too--
and no rain--hopefully!!!!

On Saturday--we were in Hagerstown, MD
and guess who I got to see--
and she took me to visit her quilt shop-
What a delightful shop--
I would of loved to have had hours to browse and shop--
An employee helped me pick out a couple fabrics-
This is Charley--
and he helped me pick out that orange with black designs and the black with the green bats on it--
yep--he really did--he is a sweet employee--
as is all the other folks there--
then Sunny and my daughter and I went to Bob Evans for a late breakfast,
THEN  Dawn and I were on the road again--
all the trees from Pennsylvania and on have already started to turn--
alot--they are a month ahead here this year--
that is scary really--
when I wanted to take photos of the hills with the leaf changes--
my camera battery died--opppssss!!!!

Thank you to all who have worried about me and who have emailed and left comments--Bless you--
I have tried to keep up with reading posts each night in the motel rooms--but am soooo very tired- traveling all day is exhausting, folks--so am not really leaving comments--but know that I am thinking of each and every one of you!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017


We are in Hillsville, SC--
and we are really slow this morning getting going--
today's plan it driving the Blue Ridge mountains on RT 81

Yesterday we did make it to my sisters--
and did spent about 5 hours with her--
and we took her to lunch here--
==I know dont laugh==we took her to a Seafood place--
you would like that we were still in Florida eating seafood--
then we went back to her place and sat outside in the beautiful weather they were having for the rest of the afternoon and looked at all her coloring she has done and looked through photo albums--
lil sister is very artistic talented and she does a beautiful job at both--
and I found this rose outside her house--
and she ==or rather her husband had a lot of these running around--

So they kept us entertained--thought that was hard as Dawn is allergic to them--
so I had to be careful too--
and I happened to be over photographing this tree-
and happened to step into a red ant hill--
and yes I got bitten a couple times-
but Dawn to the rescue-she had some good stuff in the car to take the sting out of it and it did not really bother me much till this morning--and I just put some more on it--soooo==
another flower on Barbs porch--
well--gotta go--
off on another adventure--
I really am glad we left town--but traveling is hard too--
plus the not really knowing what is going on to where we actually live it hard--
and the reports coming from our area is not great and Irma is still on the very tip of FL--
Prayers and Safety to all--
Love, di


Friday, September 8, 2017


So far--
we left Melbourne, Fl at 9;30PM

and headed north on 95-
and I became the co-pilot

traffic was heavy--but doing well-
only slowed down  a couple times--
we did get a kick out of the rest stops--
they  were-packed with cars and trucks parked all over the place--
side by side
we just kept driving--
at one point we did pull into a Waffle house parking lot--
and DD got an hour's sleep-
we arrived at a Motel in Columbia, SC at
8:30 AM and they let us rent a room at that time
we crashed for a couple hours--
DD is out hunting us some food and supplies--
we will be here for tonight and will head out again tomorrow--
we might go by and see lil sister tomorrow she is about another hour and half from here--
and then head on north--
I am beyond tired today-- I am one who needs her sleep-
but hopefully I will get some tonight!!!!
Enjoy the moments,di

Thursday, September 7, 2017


 I should of known the kid would panic and want to leave--
but I really didn't think she would this time--
we will be heading out between 8-9pm this evening--
she did not call me until noon--though she made up her mind at 9am--
she knew I would be done on the dock--
and I was--and it was a nice time down there--
even got to see a shuttle/rocket go up--
got to feed all my babies sunflower seeds and peanuts--

and got to watch the babies--
eat peanuts that Russell was throwing down to them--

but storms are fast approaching--so time to leave--
so now I am packing to go for a week or more--
and I also have to but all my quilts in large plastic bags and am putting them in the hall closet--
the safest place here--we have big long windows in both the living area and bedroom--soooo!!

Be good sew alot for me--
and -

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