Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In the sewing room today--
first on the list was to get --
not one--but two--
of the mitten blocks done--
you see-last block was stockings and there was 2 of those--
so we have to have '2' kids with mittens to go with those '2' stockings,
and here is all 3 of the first blocks--
Ps--don't you like how I am using one of my quilts for  a design wall???
I did have some 'fun' with the mittens--
in wrong direction sewing--
but we got it all straightened out in the end--


shortly after lunch while on herE the first time--
out power went out--
so I could not go back to sewing--
I really needed to get 2 boxes ready for shipping tomorrow anyways--
and in order to find the right box for all the baby sweaters--
I had to  unload the one holiday box I had with Valentines, St Patty's, and Easter in it--
and in doing so--
look what I found--
Yep--another UFO--
so--it is on the table to be dealt with next!!!

And in looking for something else--
I 'refound' these  3 counted cross stitches--
2 of them needed to be totally framed off--
this one --
and this one--
but this one--
just needed the back piece done up--
Now all '3' are ready for displaying next January--
as I will be putting away the snow items in the next couple days and--
decorating for Valentines day--

I also found these '2'--embroidery snowpeople hiding--
 in the Christmas fabric bin--
so we matched them up to some fabric--
not sure if they will be pillows or wall hangings yet--
so they go in the pile with the Valentine hearts!!!

Enjoy the moments-di

Sunday, January 29, 2017


with a blog friend and her DH--
You remember when I lived in NY that about once a year--
Sunny would come to visit me--
sometimes alone and sometimes with her hubby--
this year they stopped by while they are on vacation in Fl--
and we went here for dinner--

Now the funny part of this is--
this is only 3/4 mile from here where I live--straight down the road--
but I had not been there yet--
I forgot to order warm weather for Sunny and DH--
so it was down right chilly--
they still wanted to sit out on one of the decks--

we sat on the lower deck--
and would you believe that theyhad "heater's" hanging on the walls outside--

and they even had blankets available for you to use!!!
we got there right at 6pm--and it was getting dark--
so for the most part this was our view--

they did have some pretty lights for us to enjoy while there--
and the waitress was lovely--

Now Sunny and her DH had been here before on a vacation--
before I moved here--
and this is what they had gotten then and they couldn't wait to get back some more--
this is 'grouper bruschetta'--this serving was huge!!!!
Now me--
I just went for a salmon dinner with sweet potato--
and it was also Excellent!!!
we did not freeze to death--though I bet tonight we might have!!!
colder even tonight--
but Sunny and DH have headed further south--so they are warmer!!
Thanks for a visiting and a great time--Sunny and DH--
love, di
don't forget to --enjoy the moments--even if it is chilly out--!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


I did try to 'love' the cat block that I did--
I pulled out my purple stash--
(what little I have)
and redid the cat--
the black button eyes are just laying there for now--
but all the cats will get button eyes when the quilt is done--
need a bit of embroidery work on the paws yet--again will wait until they are  all make --
and then I will do them all at once--
so here is the new cat block with the log cabin block--
and here is the two cats --
side by side--
So which cat do you like better--
now I am not sure????????????

And these guys are keeping an eye on me this month while I sew--
and you can see--
the 'cat' is keeping an eye on them!!!
I made the snowman with the blue coat--
a long time ago!!

Enjoy the moment-di

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


While the wind was really bad here for 2 days--
I did not blow away--
so that meant--
I needed to get back to stitching--
I did finish the cat--
but then I 'ruined' it--
The pattern only had 2 eyes and I think they were buttons--
I said all cats have to have noses and whiskers--
so I drew them in permanent marker until I could stitch them on with embroidery floss--
I do not like it at allll---
the face area is not large enough to do it correctly--
so it looks like this cat will have to get redone!!!!

And then this afternoon I did get the top finished for the last Downton Abbey fabric--
but not with out it's 'trails' and some froggin along the way--
the last 4 blocks that I stitched to add to this quilt--I ended up sewing it on the wrong edge--
and also realized that I had not squared up those 4 blocks--so out came the friendly seam ripper--
and a redo--
now there is not much fabric left--enough for a binding is all--not even enough for the backing--
haven't decided if I am keeping this one or sending it up north to my girl friend for one of her hospice quilts?????

and my favorite 'mouse' has died--
at least it doesn't want to work anymore with the computer--
good thing I have a second one--
always good to have a second mouse!!!
I called my daughter about going shopping tomorrow--
but she was with a neighbor--and they were trying to decide if DD needed to go to the hospital--
she had cut her thumb chopping something in the kitchen and it wouldn't stop bleeding--
they decided she needed to go--poor kid!!

Enjoy the moments-di

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I finally found the project that I want to do  this year--
for my 2nd scrappy Saturday color group--
Remember when I cleaned the fabric closet out on Thursday--
I found a lone pattern in there that was sent to me as gift last year--
and it  'shouted' at me that this would be a perfect one as a scrappy project--
so here is the first set of blocks for it--
It is cats--and there are '12' cats in this pattern and '12' log cabin blocks--
so I will do one cat and one log cabin block each month in that months color--
and of course this month is purple--
and so I did get to use the new purple swirl fabric that I got in a couple days ago--
Oh and the cat it not finished yet--!!!

Yesterday I also needed to make a new purse for the Night Angel job--
need to carry a pad and pen and time card--
along with the pager and cell phone--
so this is what I made--
this one has a zipper on it--so if I have to bend over--
everything doesn't slid out of it like the smaller one I was using--
and I used some Christmas gift fabric I got this year to make it!!

Today I am watching the weather--
they are saying we have some really high winds, maybe hail,
and even tornadoes, headed our way later this afternoon--

Enjoy the moments-di

Friday, January 20, 2017


Talk about 'redo's'--
I need a hair-redo--
someone has not gotten to the beauty shop in along time--
so now I have hair in my eyes!!!
Here is the after photos of the newly organized fabric closet--
Got me some really pretty red baskets at the dollar store last week--
and these hold alot more that the short whites I was using--
all the thread boxes are now over in the other closet--
and these are now way easier to see and pull out which one I want--
here is the before photos of the fabric closet--
See--like I said --now it is much better--
and maybe I can find what I am looking for quicker!!
wellll--it is a thought--hope anyways!!!

I did do a bit of sewing this afternoon--
got the Downton 9-patches sewed up and into a top--
now to add the borders!!
and I have figured out my 2nd project of the month for the color of the month--
and hope to get it done tomorrow to show you--

Enjoy the moments-di

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


hung by chimney with care--
these could be really addicting--
and very simple--
(unless you get a piece going in the wrong direction--
leave to me--good thing I have 'seam ripper' on stand by!!!)

Last night I decided it was time to lay out the hexie quilt--
this is the shape it is in now--
very crooked and odd looking--
tried adding these but it still wasn't coming out with straight sides--
so what does one do?????
today ones turn to the Internet and you search for Hexagon quilts--
I seen  hundreds of photos off all kinds of hexagon quilts--
and now I do have some ideas for finishing this quilt--
But-- to decide which idea to use to actually finish it??????
And as it often happens--
I found some other really cute ideas using a hexagon shape--oops!!!

And my fabric orders finally came in today--

just white cotton for backgrounds--
and the larger package is 5 yards of white flannel for a backing on a quilt--
Guess which quilt this backing piece is for????
2 white on white fabrics for backgrounds--
and these two are just 'bonus' fabric that somehow jumped in the cart--
I needed a color fix by the time I ordered all that white!!!!!!!!!!!
the purple one is a larger design than what I thought it would be!!!!


Be sure to read my post over on my other site today--
got me some photos of new creatures--

Enjoy the moments-di

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I did get the 2nd Downton Abbey top --
stitched together--
the 16 blocks in the center were originally suppose to go on the first one I make--
and there was lots of these 3 1/2" squares yet to make--
but like I said--I really really liked it when it got to the point were I did stop--
so this is how I used the rest I had already made up--
I even have the binding all made for this one--black again--

and this is the project that I am doing to use up the rest of this line of fabric-
9-patches with a black center--
I will have a dozen done when I am finished sewing these together--
I am sewing these together as "leaders n enders"--

Now--I am still trying to figure out what BOM's I want to do this year--
we know that I am doing the 'color of the month'
I joined--

and today I found a second one I want to do--
by sewfreshquilts.blogspot.com

You can make this quilt in a lot of different sizes--but this will probably be the size that I make mine!!!
as this year I have all my Christmas fabrics in a nice tote that I can get into easily--
this month is the double stocking--
so have picked out some fabrics for the first block-
I did discover though that I will need some nice greens for this quilt--
Time to go shopping!!!!!!!!

And I am pretty sure I want to do the seasonal wall hanging from-

cause I really like their first block--a rabbit pulling a wagon with eggs and chicks--
and I will do this in wool--I do love working with wool!!

I do have a couple more that I am thinking about--

Enjoy the moments-di

Saturday, January 14, 2017


It is purple month everyone--
and I actually sewed some purple things on--
Scrappy Saturday--

This year my quilt theme is birds--
So up first is--
Mrs.P--she is soo excited--
she actually got stitched and can now hunt for bugs--

and I will do one string block of that months color for this same quilt--
so each month is a bird and a string block in the months color--
I do have one other block I want to do that will be another quilt--
but that block will have to wait until next Saturday!!!

And here is my 'evenings' work this week-
I am working on the hexie flower quilt from a couple years ago--
this is English paper hexies--I still have a dozen or more flowers to sew to this quilt--
it will be exciting to see how large this one gets,  when I get it all done--?????

What did you get stitched today?????????

Enjoy the moments--Di

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