Friday, January 13, 2017


I am excited to say that one of the projects
of a 'ufo' can be marked off the list as being done and done!!!

My little circa 2016 is all finished--
and my flowers really like it--
See even when I moved it to the dinning room table--
the jar of flowers had to follow it!!!

Today I was working on putting the rest of the little blocks into a small quilt-
and working on the 9 patches from this same line--
really like how the 9 patches are coming out--
not sure on the little quilt--maybe tomorrow will be better--
but first tomorrow I have to do some stitching with purple fabric--
think I have my pattern picked out for the color of the month club!!!
This is a picture of the near full moon last night or the night before before sunset--
taken from the window here on the 3rd floor!!!
DD says she can get the power lines out of the photo--we will see!!!

Enjoy the moments--di
(yep, even those cold, icy, moments can be enjoyed!!!)


  1. That's a sweet little quilt. Looks fabulous with the flowers on it.

    The pic of the little dog made me laugh. I have a minature poodle....that was his attitude after it snowed here.

  2. Very cute!! You are making me look really bad! Must finish something!

  3. Cute little quilt! You're on a roll now. I plan to work with more purples today. Finished a doll quilt yesterday. See you in two weeks! On Saturday night, plan on going out to dinner

  4. Very pretty finish! It does look really nice with the flowers. Hope things have thawed a bit in your neck of the woods.


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