Saturday, January 28, 2017


I did try to 'love' the cat block that I did--
I pulled out my purple stash--
(what little I have)
and redid the cat--
the black button eyes are just laying there for now--
but all the cats will get button eyes when the quilt is done--
need a bit of embroidery work on the paws yet--again will wait until they are  all make --
and then I will do them all at once--
so here is the new cat block with the log cabin block--
and here is the two cats --
side by side--
So which cat do you like better--
now I am not sure????????????

And these guys are keeping an eye on me this month while I sew--
and you can see--
the 'cat' is keeping an eye on them!!!
I made the snowman with the blue coat--
a long time ago!!

Enjoy the moment-di


  1. I like both of the cats!! So now you'll have to make two every month. LOL! Thanks for coming to dinner with us. So much fun to catch up.

  2. A purple cat.....just what everyone needs. So cute.

  3. Your cat blocks are adorable!!

  4. The new cat is purrfect :) but I am sure you can use the first one as well. Pretty and lovely colours.

  5. Yep like Sunny love both cats ...
    How nice to have had dinner with Sunny and hubby...

  6. I like both kitties too. But you have to love them or it doesn't count.


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