Sunday, January 22, 2017


I finally found the project that I want to do  this year--
for my 2nd scrappy Saturday color group--
Remember when I cleaned the fabric closet out on Thursday--
I found a lone pattern in there that was sent to me as gift last year--
and it  'shouted' at me that this would be a perfect one as a scrappy project--
so here is the first set of blocks for it--
It is cats--and there are '12' cats in this pattern and '12' log cabin blocks--
so I will do one cat and one log cabin block each month in that months color--
and of course this month is purple--
and so I did get to use the new purple swirl fabric that I got in a couple days ago--
Oh and the cat it not finished yet--!!!

Yesterday I also needed to make a new purse for the Night Angel job--
need to carry a pad and pen and time card--
along with the pager and cell phone--
so this is what I made--
this one has a zipper on it--so if I have to bend over--
everything doesn't slid out of it like the smaller one I was using--
and I used some Christmas gift fabric I got this year to make it!!

Today I am watching the weather--
they are saying we have some really high winds, maybe hail,
and even tornadoes, headed our way later this afternoon--

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. Oh my gosh! I used to have that pattern - why didn't I think to make it scrappy??? You're a genius. Good idea on the little purse, too. One of these days, I'm going to attempt a zipper. maybe. maybe not...

  2. That cat pattern is perfect for your scrappy project. It's going to look adorable. I love your little purse. The fabric you used is gorgeous!!

  3. You know I love all of it--cats and purple!!! Glad you found a use for the cute little kitties.

  4. I can see why that pattern SHOUTED at you to make the Scrappy project our of...Its purrfect.....

    Clever girl making the kitty purse with the zipper...

    Hope you didn't get blown away Di...

  5. I am already in love with the kitty quilt!
    And the purse is cute - always safer with a zipper although I still hate sewing them :)

  6. Great idea to do the cats in scrappy - that is really going to look so cool! Nice job on the kitty purse - cute fabric too.

  7. That's going to be a very fun RSC project. Love the swirly purple cat! Hope you didn't fare too badly with the storms last weekend. Those were really nasty!


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