Friday, January 6, 2017


I worked all afternoon on the reindeer quilt--
as I got the blocks finished last night with all the applique--
and here is it--

The lightening in the community room was dark for some reason--
so the colors on this did not come out well--
the wide border fabric is a pure white color--
I also have the binding cut--it is the same red as the inner lattice--
so like I said--it is bright and loud!!!
I also fussy cut the the little corner stones --they are snowflakes--
and I might add some cutouts of the prints to the outer cornerstones yet--
at least that is the plan!!!

And I got to use this mat today--
the turning one-- when I squared up the blocks--
first time I have used it since I moved down here--
sure saves some time!!!

So this makes 2 things off my January goal list!!!
How are you doing on yours????
Enjoy the moment--di


  1. Cute, cute quilt! I worked on the border of my reindeer quilt today. I'm trying to get it finished by the end of January. I've got a ways to go though before I have a finish.

  2. I like it!! Very cute!! I am plugging along with my cats. I need to find a finish-able project so I can accomplish something, but I am working on stuff!!

  3. Very cute! Congrats on getting it to the finished flimsy stage.


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