Tuesday, February 28, 2017


been a busy day here--
but I did manage to finish up '2' more items--
the first one is another block of applique--
Oh and this one has a story--
see the 'pointed' flowers--
they are backwards really--
the rounded part is under the leaf--
I fussy cut them so the red flower would look like the real flower--
but I ironed the freezer paper down backwards--at least  on 3 of the flowers--
and did not have enough of that fabric to redo '3'--but could redo the 4th one that I did get right!!
so this is my 'spin' on this block!!

and got the 2nd snowman wall hanging finished--
now this one is all hand basted and the binding is all done--
found wip's are now finished--
now I need to look back on the whole month and see what all I did get finished!!

but in the meantime--
I have a prayer request--
my middle sister, June in NY is in the hospital--
she has some kind of a dark spot on her left side--
and it became painful last night and so she had to go to the hospital--
at noon today they still did not know what it was--but was beginning her on some very strong antibiotics--and my family does not do well on this kind of medicine--so am concerned about that as well as the problem--thank you--

            enjoy the moments, di

Monday, February 27, 2017


watching the races yesterday held at Daytona speedway--
in the community room downstairs--
I decided it was a good time to also baste some quilts--
and I got these '2' done--
the Reindeer ornament one is all ready now to hand quilt--
and the Hexie quilt is ready for phase 3--
phase 1 was making the hexies-
phase 2 was sewing them together into a top--
then the fun began on how to finish it--
and that brings me to phase 3--which will be hand appliqueing all around the edges
 of this  top piece now basted to this background piece--( I wanted to baste it all down
so I wouldn't haven't anything off centered--)

and I am now knitting the preemie size of the little sweaters--

these are so tiny-the  sleeves are only 2" long--
have a pretty yellow one I am working on now!!

got another total finish--
got the hand quilting done on the teapot and got the binding on it this morning--
and then I actually sat and got it all stitched on--so this one is done and done!!

and one block is appliqued from this project--
notice I fussy cut the center's on the flowers--
I think this makes #8 that is done for this quilt--

Wonder if I can get another finish in by tomorrow night at bedtime????

And some mail came in today--
fabric--of course--sale on Missouri Star--
Charm pack by me and my sister--called 'Rainy Day'
and they are sooo cute--look at the little fishy fabric and the tiny umbrella's-
and a lovely color range--orange-bright pink-blue-purple-lime green and aqua--
also got these 2--

the one is a solid white though it looks beige here--
the other one I love--the color is like a light celery green--
might be a great border on just the right fabric!!!!

Well--we got one day for this month --
what we will get finished?????


Sunday, February 26, 2017


My daughter picked me up at noon on Saturday to go shopping--
on the way I seen a rummage sale sign at a church when were
going to stop for a light and said==let's go treasure hunting--
so we did--
here is what I found--
and the best part was--
everything was half off by the time we checked out--
found this cute set of cat plates for the holidays was $5--got them for $2.50
they were $19.99 new--

and I love bears and this one is a Boyd's bear even--
love the pretty flowers on the plate--and I love pink tulips--so had to buy the little pitcher--
I did take the cloth watering can off the bear--
as 'she' told me she was tired of holding it!!!
and the movie has 3 movies in it for only $1--
so didn't get alot--but got some neat things--
at Walmart one of the things I needed was a new lamp for the bathroom--
found this pretty base in aqua to go with all my other aqua in there---
my ceiling light also turns on a fan--a very loud fan--so I have to have a lamp--
so I don't have to turn on the ceiling light--
was surprised though how expensive lamps are--!!!
and I want to do something to the shade for some color--
hummmm--gotta think on that one!!!

                  enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Have gotten some stitching done in the last  couple of days--
Yesterday I finally set everything else aside--
and tackled making my son his throw pillows--
and I will give them to him when he comes to dinner tonight--

and another finish--
and this is already in use--
it is hanging on the front door--
gotta hang up something between Valentines day and St Patty's day--
though here alot of the tenants had their doors decorated for St Patty's day--
the very day after Valentines!!!!
And I don't have any door hangings for St Patty's day--
guess I need to do something about that???

And finally got started on another bom--
remember the fabric pile I got in a couple weeks ago--??
I did have a bom in mind for these--
it was the Patchwork Quilt along--
these 6 are block 2--Diamond Panes--and are 5 " squares--
and this week another blogger posted her's and that she also was making a 10" size--
thepolkadotchicken.blogspot.com and she shares the measurements with you--
so I actually make that size first--
Ahh--Di--something is wrong here!!!
Good Girl--this is better--
and here is the 10" one for the block 1--
Called Souvenir of Friendship--
these 2 blocks are so cute together--
now I will do the other 5" blocks to block 1, too--someday!!!!

And Joy has given us a challenge this month--
to do at least one block on an old ufo--
and I did have one on my list for this year--
so I pulled it out--
it goes back to 2009 and is a Quilt Club bom from NY--
I have these blocks done--
7 are done--
and this morning I prepped 3 more applique ones--
then there is at least 2 more machine ones I will need to do--
and I had also started a 30's print set--
and no longer have these fabrics--
so am not sure if more will get done or if I will just finish these off into a small table mat ???

Soooo--while you were all celebrating my anniversary--
I was working--

                 Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Well--it is that time of the year again--
when it is time for a bit of fun--
Though I am confused--
you see I do know it has been--
years since I first started this blog post--
February 18th, 2009 --
but do we have Birthdays--
each year --
as I do feel like I actually gave 'birth' to this blog and am watching it grow up--
or is it an Anniversary--
as the 'two' of us--me and the blog site are partners and I often feel like we are married one to the other????

What ever this is--
it is time to celebrate--
I have done nearly 1600 posts on this site and nearly 400 on my other site--
Di's workshop--
I spent most of last week reading all my posts--starting with the first one--
and see alot of changes --

and I have certainly made alot of quilts--table runners, placemats, wall hangings--
and had an apartment full of furniture--
and changed decor many times--
and even moved from NY state to Florida--
but in it all and through it alll--
I have counted on--
all the friendships I have made here on Online
are the ones I count on most in life--

SO regardless whether it is--
a birthday or an anniversary--
one needs these--
which I am working on--
wrapping up--
let the fun begin--
leave a comment for a chance to win a 'gift'!!

                     Enjoy the moments, di

Monday, February 20, 2017


I did get the 2nd block made in the bom of the
Buttermilk Basin row by row--
this one was much smaller and did not take nearly as long to stitch-
but I had fun picking out the colors of wool--
I really do love working with wool--
and I got another baby sweater knitted--
this was the largest size--
and today--
I went shopping with a neighbor to Hobby Lobby--
as this yarn that I use for the sweaters was on sale--
and here is my new stash--
right now I am doing the preemie size--haven't done that size before--
but think it will only take one skein--we will see???

somehow I ended up over in the fabric section and look what came home--
with me--
now I did need the '2' pink ones for my stash--as I don't have much pink--
and one of these days pink will be the color of the month--
but I just couldn't not get a small piece of the black--
it is soo rich in color and designs--
seen a couple others I liked too--
but--money only stretches sooo far at the end of the month--

And I did get this out of the closet--it is the new bedspread to be finished and quilted for my bed--
remember I was to start finishing this in January--and here it is the 3rd week in Feb and not one stitch has been added--!!!!!
I also did work on my new design wall yesterday--but it is not finished--
still trying to decide what size to make it--at least that is my  'excuse' for today!!!
and we were back in time for me to go to coloring group today--
so been busy --but not on sewing--

          Enjoy the moments, di
I know you can't see me!!!

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