Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017


My DD took me treasure hunting yesterday--
I was looking for a night stand beside my bed--
did not even come close to finding anything--
but a couple little thing did come home with me--
seems I must of been in a 'roses' mood--
2 tea cups, a rose box and a little angel--
think this rose box is going on the sewing table to hold  my long scissors in--
a new mixing bowl--needed one this size--
a small basket--
and a blue dish--
we also went out to lunch and grocery shopping before coming back home--

and in the mail box, when I got home was my '2' fabric orders--
first from Missouri star-
was a layer cake that was on sale for only $22
along with a mini charm pack and 2 yards of solid white--
look at the prints in this layer cake--

there is a couple more--but you get the idea--pretty overload!!!!

and the other order was from Connecting Threads--
I needed this--
2 spools of thread-well one can't just order 2 spools of thread from a fabric company--
now can one???????
Especially when they are having a sale--

2 sets of 10" solids came too--

and this set  of 10" squares--see all the bunnies on the blue prints--
and now we are doing half yards--

 lots of polka dots

this group is for the Christmas bom--needed greens in my Christmas stash really badly--
and the brown will be the reindeer block--
some more small design prints--
and then this one--
to go in this months color stash blocks--I like this one!!
so that's the pile--
just some great basics and some basic colors for the stash--
I do have a plan for some of these--
more on that later--
in the meantime--

Enjoy the moments, di


  1. I love treasure hunting, and you made some good finds. And you got some great deals on fabric. a Layer cake for $22?? The fabrics are just gorgeous. Have fun playing with them all. I'm prepping for a Baltimore Album block today. Quite tedious, but I'm enjoying it.

  2. You scored some nice fabrics. I love the Essential threads. Very little lint and it holds up well. I will be placing an order soon because I am almost out of white. I am trying to use up a lot of my fabric stash so I can buy some more ;) I actually need some neutrals and blender style fabrics.

  3. Looks like you had a really good time shopping. I love that layer cake--very pretty. I forgot to take pics of my last shopping spree. Shame on me. Have fun!!

  4. What a great lot of goodies you got Di, both while treasure hunting no in the post...

  5. Hi Di love the goodies you bought and wow awesome stash that the postie bought you,enjoy.

  6. I like your rose theme for your treasure hunt, very pretty. Lots of fun fabrics. Sounds like you've got a place for each of them. Looking forward to seeing them show up again in blocks.


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