Thursday, February 23, 2017


Have gotten some stitching done in the last  couple of days--
Yesterday I finally set everything else aside--
and tackled making my son his throw pillows--
and I will give them to him when he comes to dinner tonight--

and another finish--
and this is already in use--
it is hanging on the front door--
gotta hang up something between Valentines day and St Patty's day--
though here alot of the tenants had their doors decorated for St Patty's day--
the very day after Valentines!!!!
And I don't have any door hangings for St Patty's day--
guess I need to do something about that???

And finally got started on another bom--
remember the fabric pile I got in a couple weeks ago--??
I did have a bom in mind for these--
it was the Patchwork Quilt along--
these 6 are block 2--Diamond Panes--and are 5 " squares--
and this week another blogger posted her's and that she also was making a 10" size-- and she shares the measurements with you--
so I actually make that size first--
Ahh--Di--something is wrong here!!!
Good Girl--this is better--
and here is the 10" one for the block 1--
Called Souvenir of Friendship--
these 2 blocks are so cute together--
now I will do the other 5" blocks to block 1, too--someday!!!!

And Joy has given us a challenge this month--
to do at least one block on an old ufo--
and I did have one on my list for this year--
so I pulled it out--
it goes back to 2009 and is a Quilt Club bom from NY--
I have these blocks done--
7 are done--
and this morning I prepped 3 more applique ones--
then there is at least 2 more machine ones I will need to do--
and I had also started a 30's print set--
and no longer have these fabrics--
so am not sure if more will get done or if I will just finish these off into a small table mat ???

Soooo--while you were all celebrating my anniversary--
I was working--

                 Enjoy the moments, di


  1. I totally love, love, love those pillows! You've been so busy, and doing a bang up job getting all those blocks done. Hehehe - about the one that was sewn flipped. At least you caught it right away.

  2. Love the pillows! I'm going to pay my taxes this year with 'alternative money'. That fabric would work great!

  3. You HAVE been busy! But come on and celebrate with us! haha! I worked in one room all week, trying to get it better organized. I finished today by taking a big load to donate to the thrift store! YAY!!! Hugs, Diane

  4. You have done heaps of blocks, awesome! Pity that isn't real money on the cushions.... :) xx

  5. The pillows are really cute! I am sure he will love them. I am saving the Patchwork quilt along blocks for now. Remember I said I wasn't starting anything new.

  6. Those pillows are awesome!!! And thanks for the link to my blog about the FQS Patchwork QAL blocks... yours turned out great...happy stitching!

  7. Love those pillows Di...and you have been very busy using the new fabrics for your blocks...


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