Sunday, February 5, 2017


lets start with the package I got in the mail--
when I got home yesterday--
Got shop "happy" one day on the Fort Worth Fabric site  last week--
and here it is--(sale page, I think)
they sent me a blank card to use and a tea bag--how thoughtful--
I got 3 more Christmas prints--really needed some greens for the Christmas stash--
and I love how all these yellow/golds go so well together--
I just might have to do that new bom with the sun for the first block--
so I can use some of these pretty fabrics--
was ready for a couple new purples for that stash--
and a couple green prints for that one--
and you seen the pretty red cat one on the top--!!!

DD and I went shopping on Saturday--
and somehow more fabric came home with me--

Snowflakes a droppin on my head--
at least "snowflakes" was in my head I guess!!!
For the new Christmas bom--I am using snowflake fabrics for the backgrounds--
and I did not have much left--
and as goes the 'rule'--one can not find those prints--
at JoAnn's I found these--
one white on white actually has small snowmen on it--
the snowflake one is on the grayish side--so don't know for sure on that one--
and then the other white on white is holly leaves--
and I did get me some peppermint--I love peppermint!!!

and cause I could not find a walking foot for my machine there--
we did drive on up the street to the quilt shop--
and these walked out with me--
finally some snowflake fabrics--
and then look at the white on white with the Christmas ornaments--
that will make a cute background too--
and what is that fabric that is 'poking' out behind the others?????
I swear--I  was not  looking for fabric other than snowflakes--
but as I walked past this one shelf unit--
this bolt of cats--
bolted into my arms and begged me to take it home with me--
wished I could of bought alot more of it !!!
they did not have the walking foot either--
so I ordered one online when I got home--

At Wal-mart--I needed solid black and some flannel--
they were boring --
so had to add a bit of color to the pile--
and got a piece for this months color--sea green to play with!!!
So here is the line up of Christmas stash fabrics--
only problem here is--
I need a bigger tote now!!!!!!!!!!!
These fabrics wanted me to show them off together--crazy cats---!!!!!!!!!!!
Now--there is a real shopping story here to tell you about--
we headed to the Mall first as I was in a real need for some new shoes---
I wanted another pair of Sketcher sneakers, slip-ons like I had been wearing since I moved here--
we got the first pair at Khols for $35 with coupons and sales--but didn't have that right now and so they wanted $70--no can do--that is $35 worth of fabric--on my feet--no way!!
so I had found online that Macys had them for the $35--
no way--
so we tried Pennys--
then we headed to the food court for lunch and seen a shoe store on the way--
and they had a big line of Sketchers--
and for an hour--wonderful DD handed me box after box of shoes--
none worked--though we had gotten down to one pair--
all black--I hate black shoes on my feet--
about this time a customer told us to try the Kids dept and try a size 4--
I nearly laughed--but was too tired--
so off we went--
and look at what we found--
and they fit and are  sooo pretty--
so we had the clerk set them aside while we went to lunch--starving by this time--
as we had to go back as the store was having a buy one get one at half off--
DD said she would get the second pair and we would just split the bill--
she found her's right off--Sketchers in grey--(the ones I really wanted, but they didn't have in my size)
so my cost ended up being only $30--yep--I like that--fancy shoes and only $30!!!

Now when we where in Walmart--she made me look at shoes there--
and guess what--I found a second pair in my size and liked how they fit--
I how have 2 new pairs of shoes--
and the Walmart ones are Danskin and were only $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I think the Danskins will be better walking shoes--time will tell--
ok--I am sure you are tried of reading--sooo

Enjoy the moments--di


  1. You have been having a seriously good time shopping. Can't wait to see what you do with the kitties. The holly leaf fabric is the same one I am using for the Christmas quilt.

  2. Love all your fabric finds. You can't go wrong with background fabrics, I run out of that first it seems. Love the shows. I would have never thought to try the kids sizes! You did good, on both parts of the expedition.

  3. Good shopping sprees Di!! Love your fabrics - I can understand why the cat fabric came home with you - very cute!! Good news on the shoe front - you and your daughter make a good team! Bet you were ready to take yur shoes OFF and have a cuppa by the time you got home!


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