Tuesday, February 28, 2017


been a busy day here--
but I did manage to finish up '2' more items--
the first one is another block of applique--
Oh and this one has a story--
see the 'pointed' flowers--
they are backwards really--
the rounded part is under the leaf--
I fussy cut them so the red flower would look like the real flower--
but I ironed the freezer paper down backwards--at least  on 3 of the flowers--
and did not have enough of that fabric to redo '3'--but could redo the 4th one that I did get right!!
so this is my 'spin' on this block!!

and got the 2nd snowman wall hanging finished--
now this one is all hand basted and the binding is all done--
found wip's are now finished--
now I need to look back on the whole month and see what all I did get finished!!

but in the meantime--
I have a prayer request--
my middle sister, June in NY is in the hospital--
she has some kind of a dark spot on her left side--
and it became painful last night and so she had to go to the hospital--
at noon today they still did not know what it was--but was beginning her on some very strong antibiotics--and my family does not do well on this kind of medicine--so am concerned about that as well as the problem--thank you--

            enjoy the moments, di


  1. I like your backwards flowers. Different is good!! Prayers said for June. Hope they figure it out quickly!

  2. Oh Di - yes I've prayed for June. God does hear our prayers. I think the flower block looks great. I like the way you are fussy cutting them. Good job.

  3. Prayers for June. Hope her problem is resolved soon. I like your flower blocks, too! All patterns are open for artistic interpretation, and you've done a fine job.

  4. Hope they found what the problem was with your sister and she's well on her way to recovery. Love your little snowmen. Those will be fun to put out next winter. Love your applique block, your spin is just right.


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