Friday, February 17, 2017


I wasn't 'drunk' on Chocolate--
I just can't read--
cause I not only had problems with the red bow--
in getting the right sized pieces cut--
I also had big time problems with this one--
 look at my houses for the "Spring on Beckon Street" bom--
Here was my first attempt yesterday--
had to do alot of 'fudging' to get it all to fit--
and then I didn't like it--
so today I started over--
and all I can say for this block is--
it does measure 12 1/2 by 12 1/2"--
my roof is too large for my house--I got a big 'overhang"!!!
and if you look closely you will see it is not the same as this block-
and no where did I find in the directions about the chimney piece--
I just figured that one out on my own--
so I am not sure I will go on with this one--
my brain used to be able to figure these patterns out--
It is a good thing I guess that my daughter, is the architect in the family--
and not me--all my houses would fall apart at the first strong wind!!!

This is how I felt today--
wonder what I am doing???
I used to be able to sew a straight line--
can't even seem to do that lately--
maybe this last sewing machine I bought is just plain 'crooked'?????

Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Hmmm you've got me worried... I wonder what my house will turn out like?! Mind you, yours is beautiful, no matter it doesn't look like the original.....xx

  2. That would be frustrating to me. Glad you didn't give up though! Happy weekend!

  3. Ah!! I can relate to your post... I often have trouble working out patterns and many end up in the bin..
    Your house looks alright Di...
    Love your cartoon...

  4. Mine is cut out, so we shall see how I go. Hopefully pictures later!

  5. Oh I hate days like that. Very cute houses.


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