Wednesday, February 8, 2017


On a good note--
got some more work done--
the 4 Valentine heart blocks that I found last week--
are now sewn into a small wall hanging--
and it also has a backing and  batting--
and the binding is all made--
next step it to baste it for quilting--
and talking about hand quilting--
this is my 'favorite' quilting tape--
I have searched and searched for more of this brand
as it sticks to the fabric of your quilts well and you can move it and it will restick--
a couple times-
finally found it on Amazon--it was $6 plus $3.50 for shipping--
well worth it for me--after all the hunting I have done for it--
now they make a smaller package--but they wanted more--
yep more in shipping for the smaller package-soooo!!!!!!!

I also got the back and batting cut for--
the reindeer quilt--
but it has to wait a bit before I can work on it--


also in the mail today--
I got a surprise package--
some fun reading from my friend Anne, in NY--thanks Anne!!!

I have started stitching on this project earlier today for a bit--
got the wagon in and the carrots in the wagon--
then changed my mind on the color of the eggs and the wheel to the  cart--
what can I say--!!!!!!

Now for the sad part--
Mr. Bubbles, my betta fish has decided to swim in the river that the Rainbow bridge flows over--
he had been sick for a few days and I tried everything to heal him--but guess it was his time!

Enjoy your moments today--di


  1. Sorry about Mr. Bubbles. Hope your stitching time lightens your heart a little.

  2. Sorry about Mr. Bubbles. You did a great job with your little stitched hearts! I don't have anything for Valentine's Day, so I'm enjoying getting ideas from everyone.

  3. Sad news about Mr Bubbles. Your wee hearts are beautiful - they look great in that setting. Wonderful mail. Good to see you keeping busy :-)

  4. Oh how sad! I am sorry. But that Easter quilt is going to be something. Do you have a pattern for that or are you designing this yourself.

  5. Everything is so cute! Thank you for the daily dose of motivation. I know Bubbles will be missed.

  6. Love your reindeer quilt! Sorry to hear about Bubbles..... xx

  7. Oh sorry about Bubbles - at least you did everything you could.

  8. I did all you could for Mr Bubbles. Sorry it didn't help...
    Pleased you found your tape.. Enjoy the quilting.

  9. I love the litle heart quilt! So pretty :)
    Sorry about Mr.Bubbles.
    Hugs xx


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