Sunday, February 26, 2017


My daughter picked me up at noon on Saturday to go shopping--
on the way I seen a rummage sale sign at a church when were
going to stop for a light and said==let's go treasure hunting--
so we did--
here is what I found--
and the best part was--
everything was half off by the time we checked out--
found this cute set of cat plates for the holidays was $5--got them for $2.50
they were $19.99 new--

and I love bears and this one is a Boyd's bear even--
love the pretty flowers on the plate--and I love pink tulips--so had to buy the little pitcher--
I did take the cloth watering can off the bear--
as 'she' told me she was tired of holding it!!!
and the movie has 3 movies in it for only $1--
so didn't get alot--but got some neat things--
at Walmart one of the things I needed was a new lamp for the bathroom--
found this pretty base in aqua to go with all my other aqua in there---
my ceiling light also turns on a fan--a very loud fan--so I have to have a lamp--
so I don't have to turn on the ceiling light--
was surprised though how expensive lamps are--!!!
and I want to do something to the shade for some color--
hummmm--gotta think on that one!!!

                  enjoy the moments, di


  1. Great treasures! I LOVE the plate with the spring flowers. The aqua looks good in your bathroom. I've been feeling the need to go treasure hunting. Maybe I'll do that today or tomorrow.

  2. Love the treasures Di, especially the plate and the little pitcher. (IT would look cute sitting on the plate. I like going to yard sales and estate sales. You just never know what treasures you will find at them. Have a wonderful day!

  3. You did find some cool stuff. I really like those Christmas cats plate.


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