Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I did it---
got the bunny block done--

I do have to say---I like it--
but there was alot of embroidery on it--
after all the stitching of the wool pieces--
and this is where I hung it for now--

It is on the wall over my ironing board--
and now the 2nd block in this row by row has come out--
and I have it all prepped--

and the wool thread is all bagged--
so when ever the mood  "hits"--
I can work on it!!

and I haven't shown this pile yet--this has been my 'leader/ender' project--
it was a mini charm pack or two--
first I just sewed 2 together--
then the 2 sets of 2 to make 4 patch--
now to decide o n the next step!!!

and I got his project prepped--
and it is done--
but we will talk about this adventure tomorrow!!!!

My Daughter dropped in on me, yesterday-
in the afternoon and she was baring gifts--
a beautiful Azalea bush--
actually there is 2 different ones in the same pot--
and a bouquet of chocolate and red silk roses and a pretty card--
 then she was going home to cook a steak dinner for the new boyfriend--!!

We are having some 'funky' weather here--
started yesterday afternoon--
the air looked funny and it felt funny outside--
right now there is bad storms about mid state--
headed this way--so looks like we will get some rain and more wind--
been real windy here all day so far!!!

          Enjoy the moments, Di


  1. Well done!! Everything looks so pretty! We got almost an inch of rain here. Made for a very dreary day.

  2. How sweet. Especially with the grass print fabric.

  3. OH DI! I absolutely love the rabbit. For some reason, it makes me think of Easter. It is so cute you could keep it up for a while.
    Our weather has been so strange lately. It gets up in the high 70's for several days, then drops down into the 30's. We have had tons of rain and the wind has been blowing strong off and on for several weeks. I don't know what is up with that.

  4. Gorgeous block, it's so pretty... How sweet of DD to bring you some gifties :) xx

  5. Oh your bunny block is gorgeous...
    Look forward to see what you do with your four patch blocks...
    How thoughtful of your DD to give you those lovely gifts..

  6. The bunny block is very sweet. You've got lots going on in your sewing room. Looking forward to seeing your next steps. Hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day.


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