Thursday, February 16, 2017


Remember that the day before I stitched the bow together--
I had cut everything out--
and I don't know if you can see it--
but as I cut the pieces--I put a check mark by that size--
the next day I sit down to stitch--
and yes I did get a bow stitched--
but I can not believe how many pieces I missed cutting--
or that I had cut wrong--
But alast--
one pretty bow--
and and yes--I did stitch a section or two--
backwards--this block you needed to be on your game--
yet it really wasn't hard--
Now what could of been 'wrong' with me the day before when I was cutting--
I must of been 'drunk' on something--
had to have been this--
as I don't drink!!!!!
at least that is my excuse  'story' and I am sticking to it---

now I am also collecting this little tub with--
 all the little 'ears' that we have to cut off the other pieces on the block--
                         or the other half of the half square triangles--
                         in only '3' blocks so far on this quilt--my little tub is filling up!!!!!

And I am excited to say--
that I got the laundry done this morning--
now if I just could of hung it outside--I would really be doing a happy dance!!!!

              Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Pretty bow! Now I am panicking that I cut stuff wrong!

  2. Your bow is very pretty. It would look perfect on any Christmas present.


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