Friday, February 10, 2017


The white wool I ordered--
came in yesterday--
so we went to work and cut out our bunny--
He is sewn in--along with his tail--
but needs alot more stitching before we are done--
even a baby chick on his back yet--
Today the next block came in--
and I do have it traced--
but have not started looking for the wool colors yet--
I have a whole month to do this one!!!!!!!

And here is how I am hand quilting the heart quilt--
can you make out what I am doing here--
it will be a cross hatch pattern when done--
am using red thread for that--
except on the heart block itself and then using white thread --
I am using a pen with pink chalk lead and the --
well-can't remember what that white tool is formally called--
but it does work--I use that to mark on the white blocks!!!

And yesterday as I was walking past Mr. Zebra's tank I seen this--
guess he was cleaning off the gnomes hat--!!!

and in today's mail--
this came--
My walking foot for the sewing machine--
now to get brave enough to put it on and use it!!!!

Enjoy the moments, Di
PS--I have been going back though my first posts--
oh my is that a 'trip'--
can't believe the amount of clip art I used --
here is flash back for you--
Does anyone remember Mrs, Perkins???
and what about this story??
When I ordered these and thought I was getting mixing bowls--
instead got these little bowls???
well--they did move with me--and are now my morning Organic Applesauce bowls!!!


  1. I love your bunny block! It looks sweet!

  2. Looking good!! The bunny is really cute! Mr. Perkins looks familiar. When I look back at older posts I see how much I used to get done. Mr. Zebra looks like he is having a Mardi Gras party.

  3. My Hera marker (the white thing!) and my walking foot are two tools I use all the time! Hope you find yours to be useful! I love your heart quilt - so sweet.

  4. Such a cute bunny block. It's nice to be sewing spring themes when it's still cold outside. It makes me feel warmer.

  5. The white wool is perfect for your wee bunny....the next block looks lovely too.
    Enjoy your hand quilting but you'll love your walking foot once you've used it for awhile...

  6. I remember Mr. Perkins. I don't normally go back and look at old posts unless I'm looking for something specific.

    The three tools I need to add to my supplies are a walking foot, hand iron, and the Hera tool.


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