Wednesday, March 29, 2017


With sorting all my quilt tops today--
here they are all stacked up on the bed--
I did piles--
one for the really large ones--
one for medium sized one--
one for smaller ones--
and one pile of some that would work for hanging on the front door--

two stacks came out here--
I did have the pile of civil war quilts on here--
and did take them off--
went through them thinking I might part with some--
I fell in love with each one as I unfolded it--soooo!!!!
the fan was also on the dinning room table all this time--
and I really needed to find a new place for it--
it is working really great on here--
and yes--no fish or plants yet--?????

I put all the large quilts back in the basket--
and set the basket on my stool--

and it looks good for now in the corner of my bedroom--

and look where Mrs Flamingo flew today--

She in formed me that I was 'kicking' up too much dust for her to be breathing it--
so she was going to find a new 'sittin' place!!
and chill out with all the Christmas stuff in the top of my closet!!!

I also worked on making up 2 boxes that I need to mail out on Friday--

and I got the Easter door hanging all pressed and hung on the front door--
got the St Patty's day and Valentines decorations boxed up and in the closet--
and some other things sorted out for me to see what I have and if I want to use them for

And I did make it down to the dock this morning for a bit--
the weather was perfect--almost too warm--did have to sit in the shade--
and it was only 10am!! But did not stay long--as 'that' smell was worse today--
but I did get a couple nice photos while down there--so check out Di's workbasket site--
and here is a flower one for you--

                 Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Can I borrow some of your energy please. Your piles look very pretty. I like all the quilts in the basket--great way of storing/displaying.

  2. You got a lot done today. Hopefully you don't have much left to do with the spring cleaning. A walk when the weather is good is always a good idea.

  3. You're getting lots done! It's so much fun looking at quilts you've made, isn't it... xx


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