Monday, March 6, 2017


Wellll--while watching the race--
I got 2 more quilts basted--
Both older ufo's--
I do enjoy the basting part as it gives me time to study the work I did on a quilt--
cause as with these--it had been awhile (a long time really) since I have had them out
and looked at them--
sometimes it 'amazes' me at the amount of work that went into each block!!!!
this morning I made the bindings for them--
and I have a bag of buttons that go on the snowman quilt--
each set is on a safety pin--only problem is--
I have no idea which block each one will go on!!!
and have no idea if I still have the pattern to go with it--
( and whether they were part of the plan--or something I planned!!??)
so when it becomes 'button-time' it might be a bit crazy!!!!
I now put these binding in small plastic bags and add the name of the quilt they go with--

And I have another finish--
my wool mat is done--
and I have started the last wool prepped piece that I had in the box when I moved down---
it is a large one--with a lot of work in it too--so it will be awhile before that one is  a finish---

today I have gotten a good start on the St Patty's day door hanging--
and will be returning to that to finish up the applique once done here--

we have had really strong winds here for 4 days now--too strong to go and do much--
did go to breakfast with a neighbor yesterday morning and then we stopped at a grocery store on the way home--
then I carted my sewing downstairs and watched a very 'boring' race!!!
oh well--that is the way it is some weeks--but I did accomplish getting the quilts basted--
so that was good--right???



  1. I have some UFO"s that I need to finish! In fact, I'm smiling because one of them is that same daisy mat. I had the kit for years. Last year I pulled it out and got all of the flowers stitched, but haven't gotten to the stems. Actually, I think my patter just has a twining vine. I like your stems and may change. :)

  2. Well done on the basting. That always feels like a major accomplishment to me. Your mat looks like the cone flowers in my yard. I like it!!

  3. Working on UFO's is always rewarding isn't it. Nothing like marking a quilt as FiNisHeD~ to make you smile.
    Your wool mat is very pretty ...well done.
    Thanks for visiting my blog too... xox

  4. Congrats on all the progress on Sunday. Love the wool mat, I have a big weakness for daisies. I will finally get to watch a race this season on Sunday. Between a wedding and helping My Guy with his project, I've not been home to watch. I'm hoping I like the new format.


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