Monday, April 17, 2017


Let's show off some Easter Baskets--
but first I did get some eggs colored--
and each of my kids (remember they are 48 and 41)--picked out a few and took them home
for lunch today--
I also made a plate of deviled eggs -before coloring them--for our Easter Dinner--

and in the morning when I left the apartment to do my Night Angel rounds--
I found this outside my door--
Ohh--wonder what is in the egg--
maybe some money????
Oh--more chocolate--almost as good as some money!!!!

Here is the baskets I did up for the kids--
Yes my baby boy the 41 yr old--loves star wars!!!
and I got the baby girl 48 yr old for one more week (then she will be 49-ouch!!) a tote bag with a minion on it--she loves them!!

See none of us has grown up--one loves Star Wars, the other the minions and Mom still colors Easter Eggs!!!!

And this is what they got me--
the basket was from Dawn and the 2 bags of candy was from Dan--
last year it was Dan who got me a basket--they must be taking turns!!!
Any ways there is lots of goodies in this basket--
starting with those 2 really pretty birds on the handles--they clip on and have the long glittery tails--
Opps looks like 'some bunny' got into the caramel chocolates already!!!!

I did end up with a call with a tenant who fell outside the door--
at first her daughter just wanted a bandaid from me--but when I came up to get her one--
I decided that I really needed to check her out as I would need to write up a report on the Fall--
the bleeding was minor--it was her other wrist that gave me an alarm---so I told her she needed me to call the EMT's which she said was ok--

and they agreed with me that she needed to go to the hospital and to get it x-rayed and seen--there was a total of 4 young men--2 Emt's and 2 with the Ambulance--and I don't think any of them was over 25 yrs old--but they were the nicest young men and friendly to us old folks--was joking with me too---they can come back anytime and entertain us!!!

that was late on Easter Sunday afternoon--
so did not get back here to work on dinner until 4:30--but dinner came out great and we all got 'stuffed'--oh wait--you get 'stuffed' at Thanksgiving--wonder what it is called when you eat too much on Easter--anyone know?????

And where was this guy last night when I needed help with all the dishes and clean up after the kids went home--



  1. Sounds like you had a little excitement on your holiday weekend in addition to all the fun treats and family time. Have a wonderful week. I've heard a rumor that eating chocolate is really, really good for putting one in a good mood.

  2. Very entertaining post... had a chuckle here and there.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter...xox

  3. I think you might have too much chocolate. You are going to have to share with your friends.

  4. Glad to hear you had a nice Easter! We didn't make a fancy dinner because we were leaving the next morning and didn't want to leave any leftovers in the fridge. The Easter Bunny did drop off a chocolate bunny for each of us, and I'm sitting here eating some of it right now.


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