Monday, April 3, 2017


So far this year I have not gotten any counted crossing started--
so when I go down stairs to the community room on Sundays--
to watch the Nascar races --
I have been taking some embroidery work--

and did get another block done on this quilt--
I now have 6 finished --out of the 20--
and do have #7 started--so maybe --
just maybe one of these days--
this quilt might get finished--
and can you tell that I love my new design wall????
cause here is all the Christmas bom blocks I have made so far--
I love seeing all the blocks done in a series--
it helps me to see where --or what colors to do the next block that come in!!!

and I was feeling 'low' today when on the Internet--
and I found this fat quarter set on
so lookie what I ordered--
see that little rabbit in the lower right hand corner--
she talked me into doing it--
she said--
"Di--you love rabbits, and these are all your colors--
pinks and greens--and your stash can use some more of these colors so it will
 be a--win--win"--
so now how could I not press that 'buy me now' button????

and here is my little pansy plant--
I am growing it inside--and these blooms are all new--guess they do like this window!!!
they must enjoy watching the river all day--like I do!!!

              Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Gorgeous fabric! I can see how it ended up in your cart. Your embroidery baskets are coming along nicely. Enjoy your pansy. We have daffodils in the yard, and I noticed that there are a few tulips that are about ready to pop!! Is it really Spring?

  2. Di - I love the fabrics you bought. Yes that bunny is talking to you, saying good things, like buy me, buy me. Lovely basket blocks. They look like fun to make.

  3. The basket embroidery blocks are quite pretty. How many will you be stitching?

  4. Pretty baskets!!! What are you thinking about doing with the bunnies? They are super cute.

  5. Such cute Bunnies can see why the hopped into your cart 🛒.....
    Love you pretty floral baskets.

  6. Love your design wall and all the pretty blocks! Cute bunnies... :) xx

  7. Very cute bunny fabric. That will be fun to play with. Your embroidered blocks look great. That's an unusual setting, I really like it.

  8. Sweet quilting...and your embroidery work is outstanding. Golly I used to embroidery years ago...pillow cases mostly.

    Oh, and by the way, the Blue Angels could've been where you are...they have several squadrons.

  9. I love those embroidered blocks!


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