Monday, April 10, 2017


I am totally caught up with the paper piecing--
even got today's newest additions done--
Let's see --
where did we leave off--
oh--I had gotten the first 3 done--
so here is--
the fourth block--
the 5th block--
(though not in the right order--just the order I sewed them!!)
and all together-- here they are--
and at noon today when I was on here--
I seen that blocks 6&7 were out--
so I did some--
playing around with fabrics--
like the design board--really helped me--
though these did not make the cut--
here is block 6-
the deep rose solid looks goofy here--but it is all one color--
and here is block 7-
there is 2 vases on this quilt--and they will have appliqued flowers in them before we are done--
here is what I have so far--
This quilt is growing by leaps and bounds!!!!

Now I have to figure out where I am on my regular bom's????
anyone know????

And I forgot to show you the newest member of the household--
Meet Miss B--right now she is getting ready for Easter--but I think after Easter--
she may lose the carrot for awhile--
she is a good listener--and she doesn't talk much--
but when she does it is always worth listening to her!!!!!

So what did you stitch today???



  1. I am just in love with your piecing...those cups are darling!

  2. Love your fabric choices for your cups and teapots. It's going to be a gorgeous mini when it's all together.

  3. Your quilt is growing nicely!! I agree, a design wall is so helpful! I love your Miss B :-)


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