Wednesday, April 12, 2017


to those pinwheels--
they 'spun' themselves--
into a small quilt top--

I think I am going to embroider some words in the two light beige strips--
at the top an bottom of the pinwheels--
just not sure what yet--
and this was just from the 'top' of my head design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so this is what I did with that  fat quarter pack I ordered--
and there was still alot left of the pink and greens to go in my stash--
not too much of the bunny one though!!!

And I did the next step,
  today on the new 9 patches--

I was one 9 patch block short--soooo
I did the light beige one and will embroider something on it too--
again not sure what???
Now I need your help though--
do you like the setting at the top
or this way--
or as the second one down???
Now these blocks are not done--
way more fabric and stitching yet to come on them--
in fact I just ordered more fabric in this line from Missouri Quilts--
who still had a nice selection of these--
I had received 2 mini charm packs and 3 one yard cuts to this line a while ago--
and had planned to use those up--
me and my big brain storms--
and now I need more fabric before I can finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( see I will use any excuse to buy more fabric!!!)

But for now this one will be on hold--
have laundry to do, eggs to hard boil for coloring, kids coming for dinner and cards tomorrow--along with a bit more spring cleaning--
then a couple things planned for Friday--like grocery shopping--and starting another Night Angel week--then Sunday is Easter--

What are your plans--??????

             Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Glad I could help with that excuse to buy more fabric. I really like those colors--may have to buy some for myself. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! All of your quilts are sooooo pretty and I love the pup holder.

  2. Love that bunny print--so cute with the pinwheels...and those little 9-patches --I really like the idea of an embroidered block or even a fussy cut print...makes it look like a planned medallion setting I think...hugs and Happy Holiday Julierose

  3. Your bunnies look very cute in the middle of the pinwheels, some stitched bands will fit in there nicely. Good idea to have a stitched block in amongst your 9-patches, I like the second option better but both would work! We have a quiet weekend planned but with kiddies arriving for the holidays there will be an Easter Egg hunt happening for sure!

  4. The pinwheels turned out SO cute! No special plans here but looks like nice weather for the weekend! ENJOY!

  5. Second one down.... love the bunny quilt! And I'd like a pup for my pup holder.... :) xx

  6. Love your pinwheels....I am hoping to color eggs today too....but of course sewing as well... Happy Easter.

  7. Love your bunnies and pin wheels, that one is definitely all about spring. I'd put the beige block at least one row down, it seems off balance right there at the top. Hopefully you've gotten in lots of sewing after finishing off all your chores last week.


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