Friday, April 7, 2017


can't think of a better way to spend a day--
I have to admit to being a bit 'depressed' this morning--
but my order came in from Fort Worth Fabric yesterday--

and it inspired me to start digging--

as I don't have any dirt I can dig into--
I had to dig in my fabric--
and thanks to my friend Alice--
I had decided to do another bom--
so I spent the morning picking out fabrics for the blocks that I am behind on--

then the phone rang and it was Frannie and she said she was going to Joanns--
did I want to go--
and you know what I said--don't you????
so off we went--
now I did not have anything I felt I had to have--
but I did think I would get the 2 yards of back ground that I needed for
the new bom--
got a nice white on white design--
and 2 other small pieces came home with me-
I call these '2' pieces "zinger" fabrics--

 I was, also, looking for a basket or container that I could put by my rocker--
to hold whatever quilt I wanted to hand quilt on--
so it wasn't just layin on the floor between stitching times--
and I do think I found something--
this is rather large bag--
and it has birds on it--
(the color is more coral than the reddish it shows here!!)
and the price was right--$9.99--
and if you bought the bag--
you got a small bag free--too!!
this will be perfect for a pair of scissors, the thread, couple extra needles and my quilters tape in it and in the tote bag--so everything will be together!!!

After we got home and I had some lunch--
I tackled a block on the new bom--
and here is where you all will just 'shake' your heads--
cause we all know that Di said she hated to do--
paper piecing---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and guess what this bom is???????????
and here is my first tea cup--
it's probably the hardest one on the quilt--
but it is done--
and all the other 2 cups and saucer and pots have their fabrics all picked out--

Now--I do have some Spring cleaning to report--
did do some in the living room and dinning area yesterday--
before the kids came to dinner and to play cards--
so my Spring cleaning is a work in progress!!!



  1. I am here to blame things on. The first block was the hardest of the 4 I have done so far and I don't even know why. Probably because I had to remember what I was doing. I love your colors and I love the bunny fabrics. Can't wait to see what you turn them into.

  2. Lots of pretties! Have some paperpiecing blocks coming up - have only done it a couple of times before, so I expect a period of trial and error :)
    Happy Easter, Di!

  3. Oooh, lots of pretties added to your stash. Starting new projects is always a good pick me up (finishing works there too). A very fun tea cup. Paper piecing isn't my favorite piecing technique, but you can certainly do things with it that you can't do any other way.

  4. You made it through your paper piecing process just fine. I don't care for paper piecing either.

  5. Great fabrics were delivered to your door and I love your zingers......
    Perfect bags for your hand quilting etc to be stored in....
    Hope you had a fun night with the kids.....

  6. I like the pretty fabrics...I seldom meet a fabric I don't like. I just like some better than others. I have been thinking about doing a few paper pieced has been years since I have done any.

    I like your teacup...

  7. Haha! I bought the fabric and printed out the patterns, now I just need to sew it up! Alice is zooming ahead of us! xx


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